Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ruth Vincent Hanger

Ruth Vincent is the name of this image and it was breathtaking on The vintage Workshop's website. I knew it had to be used in it's own project where she could really shine.

I started by printing this image onto one of my 8 by 11 coffee dyed papers. These pages are not as flat as a plain piece of computer paper and they are thicker but can be Carefully put through the printer. I've printed over 100 sheets and have not had any major jams.
Cut out the image.

Step 2:
Rip Coffee dyed filter into strips. I crumpled some up and twisted them into a swirl to create a paper rose look into the corners. With some of these flowers I twisted brown lace into them. I added white pearl stamens and lace where the eye called for it.
STEP 3: I had to sew on the gathered strips of coffee dyed coffee filters first so that the thick paper roses wouldn't prevent me from sewing where I wanted. I simply turned the photo over and set the coffee filter strips on the edge. I made sure to show the richer dyed edges to make a clear ruffled look. As I sewed I would fold the strips up to create this ruffled look.
I then sewed on the paper twisted roses with no plan or technique where there was room. I could have left the stitching showing around the photo but just as she decided to wear the pearls in her photo instead of having a bare neck I decided her image should be adorned with Vintage pearls.
Originally I had planned on using a wire hanger for this project and I realized I didn't own any wire hangers so I used a padded hanger from a slip purchase a long time ago. I draped an old cream piece of lace over the hanger by simply pushing the hanger through one of the holes in the lace.
STEP 5: I attached this sewn image onto the hanger by hot gluing it. I knew that this hanger would be used as decor or with a long slip hanging from it so there was no need to sew on the image.
I had such a great time creating this hanger cover and while making it formed plenty of other hanger cover ideas. So there will be more to come
This design is For sale now in my Etsy shop.


Blue Skye. said...

This is so lovely! Wonderful craftsmanship!

CelticWoman said...

Angela, this is stunning and I am sure it will be gone in a heart beat. Happy Sunday, Sandi

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Angela

Thanks so much for coming to visit me! Your blog is beautiful. I can't imagine how you have time to create such lovely things with three little ones to look after :)

Mel xxx

CelticWoman said...

Angela, I posted to your shoe challenge, what a great idea, just great. And, the photo is mine, I spent 45mins, yesterday photographing those busy little bees in the lavendar, how happy they were, thank you for your comment. Sandi

Tammy said...

Beautiful as always, Angela. VEry imaginative and lovely. I am off to see waht this shoe soiree is all about. Thanks for the invite.

The Rose Room said...

divine! Rachaelxo

Jeanneoli said...

You are one creative woman!!!

Rosemary said...

Great project Angela.
Thanks for visiting me and for the nice comments.
Your Marie soiree sounds great, if I have extra time I will let you know.
Chat soon,

Cheryl Pinkman said...

Great use of that image, Angela. It's one of our favorites too. I hope to have more French and Marie images up in the near future. I will be sure to email you once we get them up. Sorry they may not be in time for your Marie Month. Thanks, Cheryl from The Vintage Workshop

Contessa Kris said...

Ohh, you've been playing and making vintage things! I love them both! Especially the fan. Great job.