Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye old home

It's been an absolute amazing 7 years in this little starter home. My husband and I were first engaged when we moved into that home. It's a mobile home that had all the makings of a house. beautiful cabinets and sturdy wood blinds. A garden tub and skylight and a walk in closet.

I know I will miss so many things about it. Including the way I had gotten it all perfectly shabby chiced up. It took 7 years but finally the horiible wallpaper was painted over and I was so proud of the outcome. I was pregnant for 3 years in this home. Raised the children here until they were 4,6 and 7 years old.
It was a tight sqeeze on space toward the end when our family began to grow. My kids had a few friends from around the neighborhood they will be sad to leave. Only I know they will make more. They think there will never be any more friends in their lives.
Our little family put up our christmas tree every year here, sledded and did easter egg hunts.

It's now time to move on and we'll miss you so much. Goodbye old home. You were wonderful!