Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marie Shoe Soiree

Welcome to my Marie Shoe Sioree! I am fashionably late because of my sweet little one who has been sick and needed Mommy's attention. Luckily I had to design and photograph some shoes which are her favorite things on the planet so eventually she let me get to work.
This first pair of Pink Frill Shoes were purchased for $1 at my favorite consignment store. They were originally purchased for $75 from Bandolino. I embellished them with my Seam binding Crepe paper frills and a touch of Vintage rhinestones.

My second pair of purple shoes were also purchased for $1. They are more of a modern day Marie shoe that are simple enough to be worn with a frilly top and jeans.
I had some amazing artists join me for this Soiree. Please make your way around the event by visiting these ladies beatiful blogs to see more photos of the Magnificent Altered Shoes Created.

~~Jenny~~Fated Follies~~Jenny~~Fated Follies~~Jenny~~Fated Follies~~

~~Magic Moonlight~~ Magic Moonlight~~Magic Moonlight~~

~~Cathy Michaels~~Cathy Michaels~~Cathy Michaels~~Cathy Michaels~~

Twyla & Lindsey~~Two Crazy Crafters~~Twyla & Lindsey~~Two Crazy Crafters

Celtic Woman~~Celtic Woman~~Celtic Woman~~Celtic Woman~~Celtic WomanThank you so much for coming by! I hope this opens up your mind to how we can be our own shoe designers during these times where Everyone is on a new tighter budget. During these times is when the True creativity is experienced. When you are given limited funds and supplies is when you are prone to come up with your masterpieces.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Antiqued Envelopes

The art of letter writing is somewhat dead. The world of typing on the computers and cell phones has stolen this gorgeous old artform and to help revive it I've been hard at work creating some antiques envelopes to burn the fire with in you to write a heartfelt note to the ones you love!
Life is way too short not to tell someone at this very moment what you think of them, how important they are to you or how grateful you are for them. So get to writing! You will be closer to your loved ones for it!

All of these sets available in my Etsy shop now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Look what I got for Mother's Day! A new Car! A super cute PT Cruiser in a pretty blue.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day~ 200th post!

HaPpy Earth DAy to YOu! HAppY EarTh Day to YoU!

Hey Guys! It's a Special Day and A special Post! This is my 200th post. Normally I would do a Giveaway but I just did one! So I'm going to Celebrate by showing some incredible photos of the Earth that God has created for us.
Now I'm not into politics which usually isn't "Earth" but as humans we have turned it into a political topic. I personally believe The Earth has been created with so much Care a Love and has been lended to us to live on from God. Therefore it is important for us to Love, embrace and care for what he has given, Just like our bodies.

So in conclusion, I am "Green" because I'm mindful of the gift the Earth is. I don't however believe that I need to be Green to "Save" the EaRth. I believe God is King of the Earth and we as a human race are not a match for the Earth or God who is in control of it.

HAve a Wonderful EarTh Day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marie Month Giveaway Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my Giveaway!

Here are the Randomly Generated Numbers: 2, 6, 11


Denise you will be receiving the Aqua Trim Tag

Magic Moonlight studio you will be receiving the Pink Trim tags
Lindsey you will be getting the Pink Fan

More Marie Feathered Fans

This large Tan Millinery Rose was pulled off of a Vintage Hat. I added a vintage single rhinestone from A vintage Rhinestone Choker. Worn Brown Seam binding finishes off this Fancy Feathered Fan.

This next White Feathered Fan with Aqua Accents is for a Summer Bride. She will use this fan in a fairytale themed photoshoot on her wedding day.Don't forget!!! Leave a comment on the Giveaway Post before April 20th!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm SO excited to announce that I will be having a VERY special promotion going on in my Etsy shop for the next 5 days! Starting April 18th- Ending April 22nd all of the Profit from any purchase made in my shop will go towards buying Health & Medical supplies for a Church & School in Honduras.

Our Church just announced a group will be heading to Honduras in June and are collecting items now to take with them on their trip.
I will announce on April 23rd how much we've raised!
Thanks so much for helping me with this special outreach mission!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in Steeleville

Counting up how many eggs Valencia got this year in the big Kid Easter Egg hunt! She got as many as I did last year.
It is such a luxury to be able to visit my Aunt Carlolyn who lives in Steelville Missouri. A Beautiful town! She has the most relaxing set of land that lends itself to amazing photos every time I come. The children can't help but look like props I'm using in a landscape photo. It always seems as the background is really the focal point of these photos. The kids had a great time exploring more than they can in suburbia. I'm so glad the kids have somewhere to go where they can play like kids should.It's about a 10 minute walk to this creek where they threw rocks in the creek, seeing who could make the biggest splash.My handsome son Jaedin who quickly ran off to play with his sister in the hay barn.
It was time to have a serene walk to the river. About a 20 minute walk I will show the scenes on the way.
This is the walk down her driveway to her gate.
The path to the River Ahhh..Finally here. The water was cold and the scenes were beautiful.

Springtime was clearly there as her trees were beginning to bloom

Thank you God for the beauty you made in these scenes and the beauty in who I call my family. I Hope your Easter was as Wonderful as Mine!