Monday, March 30, 2009

Coffee Filter Cakes

To announce my Fancy Plans for a fun April I will start of with these gorgeous Soft Pink Coffee Filter Cakes.
I'm selling them in my Etsy store. They are packs of 30 hand dyed and baked Coffee filters.
I'll be showing many different projects you can use these beauties in but for now in this post we will revel in their beauty all packaged up how you will receive them.

Through out the month of April I will be selling soft blues and light coffee colors too.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wedding Centerpieces

Recently, I finished a custom order for White Crepe paper roses. After seeing my Artful Blogging article, My new friend Sara decided to use this design for her California Wedding Centerpieces. She had a wonderful idea to replace the pink bulb ornaments with hanging crystals. Doesn't that look beautiful.? I can't wait to see photos from her wedding!

Here is the big box filled to the brim with White Crepe paper roses and chocolate brown Seam binding ribbon to tie onto the branches. Below are some of the gorgeous hanging prisms she will use. I hope she has the most perfect Wedding day!

Here is the box I carved to send her roses in. I wish I could have painted it her Wedding colors but after all this is a wedding and there are deadlines :)
If you are having a wedding, shower or party coming up and you can think of anything I can make for you please let me know. Leave a comment below or come talk to me at my Etsy store.

A Gift for An Artist

When one Artist gives another artist a gift. I think we usually tend to give our own creations because we ourselves love to create. But I think the best way to give a gift to an artist would probably be to use your artistic talents in the packaging and keeps the gifts plain. This way the Artist can get excited about what they would like to create with that simple form.

It was very hard from me not to want to embroider these gloves and decorate the metal lampshade. In this case these goodies were going to Sandra Evertson in the Carved Cardboard box shown in an earlier post. When giving a gift to her, we all know she will have something extremely lavish and genius to do with these things. Since she has to see the item everyday and knows what will be useful to her, it's best that I send them plain and ready for her Artistic vision.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Trim Tags

Nice & Colorful Trim Tags that were made for the Etsy shop this month for Spring. All are one of a kind. some are still available here.

I'm so happy to announce that the Article about these Trim Tags for Somerset Life is in the works now! Can't wait to see. I'll keep you updated on what issue they will be in as soon as I find out!

This Article will be in the Summer issue of Somerset Life available in July 2009!

I've been asked a few time either how I make these Coffee Dyed tags or where I get them.
I've ordered from a few sources & my personal favorite is from Magic Moonlight Studio. She makes the most delicious smelling tags I've ever had! I make the lighter coffee dyed tags but I don't bake them and use vanilla and cinnamon as she does. She just started a blog so check her out here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cardboard Carving

I'm extremely excited to tell you all about an idea I had in high school printmaking class. I started out with 3 pieces of cardboard. About 8 inches by 6 inches and I drew a Rose and it's stem and leaves onto each board and then carved around the rose with an Exacto knife. I peeled away the top layer of paper around the image and revealed a really cool technique I call Cardboard Carving . My Printmaking teacher loved this idea. I got a %100 on the Assignment and these 3 pieces were entered into a High school Art Fair Display. I could tell they were a hit because 2 of the 3 were stolen right off of their shelves.
When Jenny Doh announced the idea of Greencraft magazine, this is the very first project that came to mind. Here I'm showing a Large Diaper Box that is a frequent around here. I show here how you can make these boxes into really cool holiday or everyday storage boxes, shipping boxes, possibly even memory boxes.
The techniqueh has an infinate amount of uses because of cardboard packaging being so redily available. If you ever need to find any boxes though. I know all of my local major chain Department stores will send some boxes home with you. They will even give you what size and quantity you need.
On this particular box I drew designs I'm fond of and thought Sandra Evertson would also like since this is what her package is being sent in. But if you are not confident in drawing directly onto the box. you can stamp onto the box or even glue an image directly onto the box and have a whole different feel with the same technique. I will be going in depth with this technique in many other posts in the next couple of weeks including a tutorial . For now though I'm working on a very detailed box to send into Greencraft Editors. Hope you all love it!If you do happen to play with this technique. Send me your photos or E-mail me with your links! Thanks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


If you happen to love birds. I've got you covered in my Shop this month. What does spring mean to you? To me it means to bugs and birdies coming back to life and flowers peaking out to see if they want to stay. All of these birdie goodies available in my Etsy shop.

Slightly off subject. Here is my son who is turning 5 this spring. We just had his Kindergarten registration. He'll be starting late this summer. He is excited to wear his backpack and show off his batman crayons, pens and notebooks. He looked so handsome going to meet his new friends.