Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fox Theatre & Lace Roses

Just added to the YourAngil Adornments shop. New Vintage lace flowers. To tie onto almost anything! Use them as tie backs for curtains or tying around your silverware for an original table setting.
On to our latest experience at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. There was a beautiful sunset on our drive there to admire. When we got into the city there were old buildings to be admired like this very large Church and the Powell Hall.
Finally we arrived to the magnificent Fox. A sold out concert to Allison Krauss and Robert Plant. They were great but Allison was not as entertaining and outgoing as I though she would be for her many years of experience. She seamed nervous or like she didn't really wan to be there. The crowd had a great energy to it. A mix of hippies and bikers made for a fun gathering. It was great to finally hear Alison's voice in person. It was as beautiful as I thought it would be.

The Fox in all of its glory could not disappoint.
My husband & I have decided we must go back a daytime tour so we can get some great shots of the inside of the building. These photos just aren't the same.

Friday, September 26, 2008

MORE Halloween & Fall Swaps


The Swap Host was Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid who lost her home in Hurricane Ike and who could use some gift card to help her and her family get back on their feet. Because you know their insurance isn't going to be much help.

Here is an inside view of my {Witch Craft} Goodies. Whatever..... it's funny. You know it is. I amused myself for like 10 minutes with that. I thought I was so clever for coming up with that :)

Randi from SweetlyHappilyArtfully sent this package.I love her brightly colored blog. Look at the outside of the packaging. What cute autumn doodles! Thank you for the wonderfulness that came in this box! Me and the kids loved it!
I LOVE these mini leaves. They are kind of like nesting plates. There were 3 but one was sacrificed in the name of shipping. Randi, you officially have me hooked on scented candles. Now I always try to have a scented candle burning with the windows open. It makes for a beautiful day.
The goodies just kept coming out of the box. What i love is that there are such a wide variety of things to do out of this package like making sugar cookies for the kids to use these cookie cutters and these tags to go in my new mini scrapbook albums.
Aren't these apples so cute with the decorations on them like they've been dipped! So cute. Of course it's driving my kids crazy that they aren't real and they keep asking me to eat them. So it's a good thing Joanne sent the Apple dipping kit in her swap package. Can't wait to get the pictures from that project.
I'm so excited about this little Autumn book down here because I've just started in the workings to get my family photos organized by smaller albums. I figured it would be easier to work with smaller albums that I could complete in one sitting. I've already hung this cute Artsy Autumn Image in my hall window.

These adorable tags were made by Holly Devlin. They are Thank you gifts from Heidi Devlin at for participating in the Very Vintage Halloween Swap.

Below is the package that I sent to Holly Devlin for the Very Vintage Halloween Swap. I just love her Etsy shop. Go see here. She is hosting a Christmas swap herself.

The below package went to Joanne.
For the Preppy Fall Swap hosted by Preppy Mama
I thought this swap was so original because I've never done a swap that had you give gifts according to a word. So we were challenged to give a gift for each letter of the word
H-A-R-V-E-S-T. I won't show all because I don't know if her package has arrived yet. But here are some of the gifts that came to her.

Ribbon & a Roll of Garland
Spiced Berries Candle and Silk Leaves

Eggs in a nest & Ephemera

Vintage Greeting Cards and Vintage Lace

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Isn't this pretty. Hand dying (literally) the newest additions to my Etsy shop was fun because every step of the process was art in itself. Look at the water when your mixing the dye. Very spooky and abstract
Here's the pile of material before I dyed it. Things almost always look better when it seems as though they've been sitting in an attic for a couple years.

A drive in the car is like the Spa to me. Music is a love of mine as much as Art is. So when I can get in the car and the kids are strapped down, they can't go anywhere or get into arguments. Well, I'll rephrase. They don't get into arguments as often. & when they do I ignore it because I'm driving and I will not be one of those crazy soccer moms driving while being referee and talking on the phone. The car for me is usually strictly listening to my favorite mixed CD. As you can see I always have my camera on my drives because there are some amazing sunsets and skyscapes in Missouri. I promise I only take these photos when I'm at a Stop Light :)

I had my husband take Valencia to dance class this week & he reported that she did alot better with some participation but the teacher said she may have to make her sit out next time if she cooperates like she did this week. So she did better but not up to the standards I guess. I'm thinking ballet may be to Strict for a spirit like Valencia. I find if the question is asked of her "Do you want to Dance?" It's "Yeah!" with a little jumping and smiles but if the question turns into a command "Hold the bar, and put your foot out" That command is answered with a run to the wall or sit down & refuse. I'm thinking maybe Tumbling next season :)