Friday, September 26, 2008

MORE Halloween & Fall Swaps


The Swap Host was Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid who lost her home in Hurricane Ike and who could use some gift card to help her and her family get back on their feet. Because you know their insurance isn't going to be much help.

Here is an inside view of my {Witch Craft} Goodies. Whatever..... it's funny. You know it is. I amused myself for like 10 minutes with that. I thought I was so clever for coming up with that :)

Randi from SweetlyHappilyArtfully sent this package.I love her brightly colored blog. Look at the outside of the packaging. What cute autumn doodles! Thank you for the wonderfulness that came in this box! Me and the kids loved it!
I LOVE these mini leaves. They are kind of like nesting plates. There were 3 but one was sacrificed in the name of shipping. Randi, you officially have me hooked on scented candles. Now I always try to have a scented candle burning with the windows open. It makes for a beautiful day.
The goodies just kept coming out of the box. What i love is that there are such a wide variety of things to do out of this package like making sugar cookies for the kids to use these cookie cutters and these tags to go in my new mini scrapbook albums.
Aren't these apples so cute with the decorations on them like they've been dipped! So cute. Of course it's driving my kids crazy that they aren't real and they keep asking me to eat them. So it's a good thing Joanne sent the Apple dipping kit in her swap package. Can't wait to get the pictures from that project.
I'm so excited about this little Autumn book down here because I've just started in the workings to get my family photos organized by smaller albums. I figured it would be easier to work with smaller albums that I could complete in one sitting. I've already hung this cute Artsy Autumn Image in my hall window.

These adorable tags were made by Holly Devlin. They are Thank you gifts from Heidi Devlin at for participating in the Very Vintage Halloween Swap.

Below is the package that I sent to Holly Devlin for the Very Vintage Halloween Swap. I just love her Etsy shop. Go see here. She is hosting a Christmas swap herself.

The below package went to Joanne.
For the Preppy Fall Swap hosted by Preppy Mama
I thought this swap was so original because I've never done a swap that had you give gifts according to a word. So we were challenged to give a gift for each letter of the word
H-A-R-V-E-S-T. I won't show all because I don't know if her package has arrived yet. But here are some of the gifts that came to her.

Ribbon & a Roll of Garland
Spiced Berries Candle and Silk Leaves

Eggs in a nest & Ephemera

Vintage Greeting Cards and Vintage Lace


randi said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got your package and loved it all...I had such a great time collecting stuff for it! Thanks for the fabulous write-up! :)

Miriam H said...

Hey Angela, You are so talented! I love all the stuff you make for your boutique. So where do we know each other from?

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Lovely goodies... ok... i did chuckle at your joke. ;o) he he!

Gypsy Mermaid said...

HOly moly chick!! you got the cutest things ever!! I am loving that halloween goodies! wonderful! those candy apples look omg soo yummy!!! I just wanted to come by and tell you thank you so much for you sweet words and encouragement for me while going through what I think was the ruffest time of my life. I am soo blessed to have you as a blog friend I wish I was with you so I could tell you all this in person but well Im here and your there. soo I will send ya hug on here
(((((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))))

love ya!!!


jenny fowler said...

you got lots of stuff girly! that's cool. i hope she likes the one you sent her... :) i packaged 4 boxes today. crazy huh? that's a lot for me. i've been making stuff like crazy for the shop. i think i am going to make a totally new banner that i have been working on. i don't like the one i made the more i think about it. :) anyways, i hope you had a great sunday with your family!

Staci Dumoski said...

I'd like to speak with you about featuring your blog in an upcoming issue of Artful Blogging. If you think you might be interested, please get back to me and we can talk about specifics.

Staci Dumoski
Managing Editor, Artful Blogging