Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trim Tags GIVEAWAY!!

GIVEAWAY # 1- Grey Goddess Trim Tags Set

To celebrate my Article in the July 2009 issue of Somerset Life Magazine I will be giving away a total of 6 giveaways!!!
4 will be Trim Tags and 2 sets of 25 delicious smelling Shipping tags made by Blanca at Moonlight Studios.
GIVEAWAY #2- Sweet Pink Bow and Rhinestone Heart locket charm Trim Tag

GIVEAWAY #3- Pink Polka Dot and Golden Heart charm Trim tag
GIVEAWAY # 4- The most Gorgeous Vintage Silver Glitter Glass Lace trim Tag

GIVEAWAYS #5 and #6- Set of 25 Amazing coffee dyed and Baked Shipping tags

These incredible tags are made by the very sweet Blanca from Moonlight Studio. Who is also having a giveaway of her own here!

Because these tags are absolutely amazing and I know if you smell them you will NEED more I will be giving away 2 sets of 25 delicious smelling Shipping tags. These tags are an incredible value 100 tags for just $9.99! If you just can't wait, you can go get some now here. or here... They are so wonderful I have them in just about every drawer in my house. Comment on this post to be entered.
The winners will be announced on my birthday, July 10th!!!

If you happen to read my article. Pages 111-113. I'd love to hear what you think!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pure Beauty

There is no reason for this post other than this is the most gorgeous little thing God ever made and he lent her to me to name Valoria Juliet.

I am going to love watching you grow into a beautiful woman but for now I'm so grateful for these beautiful photos that capture all of your expressions.

Love, Mommy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Trim Tags

All of these June Trim tags are available in My Etsy Shop now! The next post will be announcing some Trim tags Giveaways~!!! Come back soon! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vintage Baby Dress Keepsakes Bag

I found this sweet little pink Vintage dress during my last trip to the Antique store for $5. I wanted to see if maybe making into a bag would look nice but it turns out that I think this would be an adorable bag to hang on a hook in a nursery to hold keepsakes like hospital bracelets, booties, Baby Cards etc.

I've decided to turn this into Haute Handbags and see if they like the idea. Maybe it would work nicely in the somerset Home magazine as a nursery idea or gift giving. Hmmm.
I also think this would be a gorgeous little diaper bag to take to little trips to lunch, scrapnights or tea with a friend. Throw a bottle, diapers and wipes in it. What do you think?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahhh... Life

Yup. That photo above just about sums up life for me right now. It's good! I have been wanting to journal for the longest time but after seeing how artful journaling is done by Mrs. Pam Garrison it kind of keeps me from the plain pen and paper type journal. Mostly because if I were to start writing and my handwriting starts getting bad it makes me want to rip out the whole page and start over. So here I am. I'll just type it and get it all out.It's been an interesting time for me. Although I've tried my best to handle the fun and success of this art career with the responsibilities of Stay at home Mom life I haven't figured out the balance. I would LOVE to have a calender of my week every week that went about the same. Time alloted for every priority in my life. But I've never been the consistant type. Sometimes it's easy to eat well and sometimes all I want is sugar. Sometimes I don't understand why I think cooking is so complicated and other times I don't understand why Cereal can't be considered dinner. It is hard to balance the yucky "Gotta Do's" as my Mom says with life's "Wanna Do's" .
It's been really fun having an Etsy shop because there is a reason and purpose for my art mess and maybe an excuse for why the house isn't prestine. But I don't want that to be an excuse. Oh I wish I could cook all of our families meals at the beginning of the week freeze them and have set days and times to work on Etsy fun but I don't.
I have been using the excuse I'm 23 and I don't HAVE to have it all figured out yet. I think it's good to give ourselves a break every once in a while but that excuse is henduring me from trying to get better. I need to quit with the excuses and try harder. Or try something new.
I don't know about you but also during my blogging/ Etsy career I've really let my self awareness go. I don't have to go out of the house to go to work so I don't make myself get dressed in the morning. I can't coffee dye and tie my tags when I 'm doing jumping jacks so I've forgotten all about any kind of exercise. Plain and simple I've been a little lazy. I like to rest instead of clean or workout. Those things give me so much pride and accomplishment though that I wonder how I ever forgot the feeling they gave me.
So, That's what I'll be working on this summer, working on some self care, set aside time for planning meals, a bath, a walk by myself. These all sounds like good things we could all use more of. Hope you all will work on balancing what you need to. I know it's not a matter of age by any means. I'm sure it's just new things to balance with different stages of life.
Thanks for listening guys!

Life is Good:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Somerset Life July 2009 issue!

It's Arrived!! The July Issue of Somerset Life! After a week of stalking the mailbox. You'd think I was waiting for a diamond necklace or even better chocolate! It came earlier than I thought it would & I'm sooo excited! I can't wait for you all to see it. I worked with Editor Amanda Nolan who I see from time to time of Jenny Doh's blog. she is so sweet & she did a wonderful job with my article!
I've read blog posts of artists saying that when their long awaited Somerset Life comes they wait until they've made themselves a drink and it's quiet so they can really enjoy it. I didn't do that. I drove home straight from the mailbox. Sat in my car while my ice cream was melting from my trip to the grocery store and ripped it open. The funny thing is I didn't even look for my article first. I flipped through every page looking at the eye candy and then later acknowledged that there were words in the magazine.
You can find my article on pages 11-113.
After I put away the groceries. I think I got all of them :) I sat on the sort of quiet couch and read the article. Amanda did a wonderful job portraying exactly what the meaning of these tags is for me. Not only to look pretty and for the trims to be used but that they also have a sentimental purpose.

The July issue comes out July 1st! & I have trouble tracking them down. In fact they don't even arrive at my Michaels for like a half a month after they come out. Then you have exactly one day to get one before they are gone. I'm SOO happy that in the middle of the internet world taking over tv, newspapers and magazines that Stampington is still going strong because of us tight knit people who appreciate eachother's visions!

I am celebrating this article by listing Many Many! Trim Tags in My Etsy shop. Come get some to display in frames in any room of your house!


BLANCA- Magic Moonlight Studio who dyed and baked these Gorgeous and delicious Tags! You must go get some!!!

KELLENE GILOFF- Creator & Publisher of Stampington who thought that my tags were worthy enough for an article.

AMANDA NOLAN- Who created the perfect article for my Trim Tags

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gorgeous Garden Break

With all of the heat this & last week I've been kind of huddled inside creating new Etsy products and packaging. I've had SO much fun. On the scarce occasions that I must go outside for a chore it is miserable and I'm drained for the whole day after 20 minutes in the humidity so on a cool day last week I was able to come out of hibernation and see what has sprung in my Dad's gorgeous Garden.
It was great to get out and get some fresh air and some inspiration on how simple and neat and organized I wanted my Etsy shop and home to be. I have SOO many new products coming into my Etsy shop. I can't wait to show them all!