Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fabulous Fox Theatre

The magnificent Bathroom

The stage lighting

My husband & I


Overlooking the theatre room

Oh my goodness! We had the most UNBELIEVABLE date last night. The Fox Theatre was absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing life that people have when they can live among architecture and art like that. Such luxury. And we are so blessed to be able to go there in our lifetime. Due to closings on the Hwy on the way to the Theatre we arrived just as the show began. The show was Celtic Woman. A group of 4 girls with beautiful voices. Along with a very lively, pixie like fiddler. I made a stop at the Restrooms before we went in to the show and it was decorated as though it were a Castle. The most intricate detail just in the Bathroom. I knew I was going to have to go back to take pictures but I was anxious to get to the show. (I am the crazy picture lady where ever I go)
As we entered the theatre the room was dark with soft blue stage lights shinning through the fog and a bright shade of blue lights displayed on the ceiling. I have never felt so small and yet so special. The sight of this room literally took my breathe away. I heard that saying before but had never experienced it. I couldn't believe it was real. This was the kind of art I can't even imagine in a dream. The music and the singing was great and my husband & I have decided it's now worth our while to learn the Celtic language. Even if we only use it to talk to each other. My husband enjoyed it so much that he said it "was the 2nd best idea I've ever had" next to marrying him of course!
The most wonderful and Romantic date we've ever had & we can't wait to go back in June to see Alison Krauss. I will show you the interesting pictures I was able to get. But you must go see the Fabulous Fox theatre website to see more pictures. Fabulous Fox

Sight seeing in traffic.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

His new "big boy room"

It just took a few days of spring in the air to kick me in to gear. I opened the windows and started painting. My son's new big boy room took 3 days all together and about $23.00. I spent $5 on fabric, $0 on curtains, 8.50 on art for the walls, and $10 on paint for the dresser. Here is the final product. The best part is it cleans up in less than 3 minutes no mater how big of a mess they make, and they play in there more now than ever.

With inspiration from a quilt I saw on Pam garrison's page I made a "paper quilt" since i don't get much sewing done. I used the pages of a $1 goodwill book. I started by lightly coffee staining them then drawing each letter. I then decided on a color pattern and painted with acrylic paint to outline the letters. As a finishing touch I used a greyish blue to watercolor the corners and edges.

Nothing says boy's room like a globe or planet or airplane hanging from the ceiling. I love this look but he has already expressed his feelings about his toys hanging instead of being down for him to touch. I'm positive he will find a way to get it down.

To make for easy and very fast cleanup for the smaller toys. I put a large sturdy wicker basket that used to hold diapers on his changing table. Now he helps everyday to clean up his room and I don't loose his interest because it's taking too long.

I used a pair of panels in his room given to us by my mom. They were over 90 inches long and had tabs so with the tags sticking up I hung flashcards with numbers, states, and bugs from embroidery thread and this made for a colorful and classroom like feel. I know that children this young are suppose to have large colorful writing and clear pictures but I remember lying in my bed before I would fall asleep as a kid looking at anything with detail. I think small attention to detail can be great for him when he is alone in his room. Jaedin has already learned his full name by having his name on his wall for his own name recognition learning and by having his initials in the room.

For tie backs to these curtains I used simple cup hooks and fabric strips. I decided it would be a safety issue to use actual silk roping tie backs with tassels even though that would have been my first choice. I slit two holes in the ends of the strips and it holds them well enough for now but I need to add something to keep the fabric from falling off the hooks.
Since we have a short storytime before bed everynight. I keep a basket next to his bed of books. This way they are cleaned up easily and don't have to be stacked upright between bookends on a shelf.

This bunch of artwork is a fun gathering of the ultimate boy stuff. I bought the frame from Michaels at $5 and filled it with a piece of scrapbook paper. The plane is a vintage art print for $2.50 at the consignment shop. I found this fun asian themed fabric at JoAnns and used it along with iron on letters I had to make a fast and easy piece of dragon artwork. I have enough leftovers to make him a pillow case.