Friday, January 29, 2010

Front Page of Etsy!

As my evening came to end the other night and my Mom was just leaving after a very long day of finishing orders for my etsy shop I signed into my account on Etsy to mark my orders shipped. When I signed in I found that my newly listed Oooh La La tags had made the front page of Etsy! I was so extremely excited because this is the first time I 've seen it happen.
Thank goodness I learned how to do a screen grab in 2 minutes. It might not be the best view but proof non the less :)

I think the part I'm really excited about is that I now get to use that pink button that says this item was on the front page of
After being published in a magazine I had no idea this could be so exciting. but every publication and feature is just as fun as the first time! If it's something that you wish for. keep going for it!
It may just happen!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Outreach

It's taken me so long to even begin posting about this past Christmas because it was my first real grown up Christmas where I had a huge amount of responsibilities. I've never been so busy in my life. That for a month now, just the thought of it exhausted me. I learned in December how much I can achieve in such a small period of time and I learned my limits.

Here are my sweet little princesses, Valencia Love and Valoria Juliet on our way to meet Grandma. As I went to Church to be a part of my favorite outreach of the year.
The kids & I awaited Grandma's arrival in the parking lot to pick them up so I could begin the week long process of the Christmas Wishes program at church.At the start of this event we ask members of our Church family if they would like to be a part of outreach by helping a family have a really blessed Christmas. Every year the giving grows. This year our church provided Christmas gifts for over 350 families. Here is the Entryway of the Church lined with extra gifts.

Lining all the Halls were boxes of gifts for each family.Worship center, Every foot of the building is covered with specially purchased gifts.
Every box filled with gifts for Moms , Dads, Grandmas and every child~!

It was an amazing event this year and gave me such a sense of purpose to help with every aspect of this event. I'd have to say the best feeling I received from all of this was thinking about all of these families on Christmas morning as my family opened their gifts knowing that we helped coordinate many people's Christmas mornings. Giving them a hopeful end of their tough year.
The glory is God's because he placed the goodness in people's hearts to reach out to fellow beings and he provided these givers with the funds to buy these gifts.
It was a fantastic event and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Magic of Art Challenges

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have to reiterate the fact that I LOVE the calls and challenges that Stampington puts in the backs of it's magazines and on the website.
I remember very specifically that in Kindergarten my favorite part of the day was when the teacher asked us to draw something in our journals. She usually gave us a theme and all the way through high school it was the most relaxing time I had throughout the school day.
And now I know exactly why that always was. Because it was calling me to do exactly what I wanted to do, it was fulfilling the desire I had to create everyday.
So I appreciate very much that this company comes up with ways to challenge me as an artists while they find ways to find new techniques and designs. It's good for all of us.
I don't go looking through the challenges because I want to be published, I do it because it's such a fun part of my month. Every month when I see the new Somerset magazine, whatever it may be..Sew Somerset, Somerset Life, Somerset Studio. I know that the creative juices will start flowing without fail.
If you are at a point in your creating where you are ready to see what level you can take it to next, see what materials you can work with next. I encourage you to give it a try. Take one of their challenges and see what you come up with. Your creation might blow you away!

This coffee filter fluff tree was created for "The magic of Coffee Filters" call for artwork for Somerset Life. As Artists I think we always second guess our creations after we are done with them. We let them sit and we will pick at it and critique it until we no longer like it.
When I create for these challenges I send them off fairly quickly. And months later, sometimes a year later, when I hear or see that it has been chosen for publication. I have a new found love for the creations. & I wonder why I thought it was so bad.
Not all projects will be shared with our huge art community but that it certainly not the point of turning your projects in. It's fulfilling the desire we have to create everyday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts Intertwined

Last week I created this project with Somerset Holidays & Celebrations in mind.
It was such a privilege being featured in the last issue and Valentine's Day coming up I was in the mood to create something with a heart theme.
It is a intertwined heart banner made from manila folders cut into heart outlines and clipped at the bottom tip of the heart so that they can be intertwined. Some hearts are embellished with frilly fabric that has been cut into strips. Another heart has been covered with crepe paper and seam binding frills.
The other hearts are cut from beautiful specialty scrapbook papers.

Now, after the past 3 days of a wonderfully successful fund raising event this project is especially sentimental because it is very reflective of what is happening in the world at this moment.
With people around the blog world, the art world joining to use our talents to help Haiti how we can .
Showing that hearts intertwined and working together can form a substantial link :)

$320 was raised between my shop and these 3 generous ladies.
With funds being split between Rebecca Sower's Artisan group and Other Haiti Relief Organizations.

* Rosemary at Ozma of Odds ~ Ozma of Odds Etsy shop ~Black Moth Studio

* Jen at Sanctuary Arts ~ The Craft Home Etsy shop

*Melissa at MCC Designs Personalized Stationery

Thank you to Every single person who donated their funds, love, warm wishes and prayers :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Etsy for Haiti

(Photo from Rebecca Sower's blog)

I am a longtime follower of Rebecca Sower's blog. A few days ago I read a post and was so excited to hear more about her trip to Haiti in December.
Last night I learned of the destruction there and thought about the loved ones she left behind.
I assumed she would write of their hardships, the conditions they lived in. But now whatever they did have has been taken away and draws our eye to be forced to look.
Some people are built to withstand human suffering. I think that has been me for the first 23 years of my life.
I have been blessed with SO much! All I can do is feel with my heart that my love for God and the love I feel from him needs to be extended.

If you would like to make a purchase of anything in my Etsy shop. At the end of 3 days, ALL profits will be presented to Rebecca Sower and all of the Artists and family she has there.

* Rosemary at Ozma of Odds ~ Ozma of Odds Etsy shop ~Black Moth Studio

* Jen at Sanctuary Arts ~ The Craft Home Etsy shop

*Melissa at MCC Designs Personalized Stationery

I think in doing this it will show our caring for not only the Haitian people but also Rebecca's portfolio of artwork , it will show that we support their desire to create and it will make you feel really good. Above all it will give them hope.

Other ways to help...
Here is the Etsy shop that Rebecca Sower has created for the artists she met. Amazing handcrafted items!! Haiti By Hand

(Artwork by Jean-David, Photos by Rebecca Sower)

Other Etsy for Haiti shops...... Donating 50% of sales Donating ALL PROCEEDS. Donating 50% of proceeds to UNICEF! – 50% of Sales 1/13 – 1/18 – 50% of proceeds – 50% of proceeds – All Proceeds going to Save the Children for Haiti – 50% to American Red Cross or Yele Haiti Organization – 100% of proceeds – 50% of proceeds – 100% Proceeds – 50% of proceeds – 50% to Doctors Without Borders – 50% thru Sunday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine Tags

Today I am listing an all new Valentine Line of tags made in mind for Love. Telling others you love them, wedding tags, for scrapbooking about loved ones, for gifts and so many other uses!

All of these tags and more are available now
Angela Harris Etsy shop...

Thank you, love
Cakes on a Pedestal

Damask Hearts

Beautiful Filigree name cards for favors, weddings or parties.

Floral Heart

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Days

We've had our very first snow days with my Kindergartner Jaedin. He had two snow days this week and we enjoyed some snow and grilled cheese.
Some Disney princess memory games and play-doh all day long!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heartfelt Ephemeral Cards

My home searching is slow going. We have some hang ups as everyone does during the process. Of course we have to wait for someone to buy our home first and we are also part of a class action lawsuit that we are hoping will be settled very soon. Because of these things we have needed a sturdy and sensitive group around us who know the ins and outs of buying a home.

My real estate agent has given me so much of her time just explaining things, looking for homes, scheduling appointments and so on. She got married to a family friend recently and I wanted to give her a heartfelt gift. A handmade card so she would know how much I appreciate what's she's done for us so far.I don't really know what her favorite colors are or if she even likes pink but I used seam binding crepe paper frills to line the side of vintage paper to create a Wedding Card. Some calligraphy and scrapbook embellishments finished off the card.

Making this card gave me a little boost to create some Valentine Cards for my Etsy shop...