Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Magic of Art Challenges

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have to reiterate the fact that I LOVE the calls and challenges that Stampington puts in the backs of it's magazines and on the website.
I remember very specifically that in Kindergarten my favorite part of the day was when the teacher asked us to draw something in our journals. She usually gave us a theme and all the way through high school it was the most relaxing time I had throughout the school day.
And now I know exactly why that always was. Because it was calling me to do exactly what I wanted to do, it was fulfilling the desire I had to create everyday.
So I appreciate very much that this company comes up with ways to challenge me as an artists while they find ways to find new techniques and designs. It's good for all of us.
I don't go looking through the challenges because I want to be published, I do it because it's such a fun part of my month. Every month when I see the new Somerset magazine, whatever it may be..Sew Somerset, Somerset Life, Somerset Studio. I know that the creative juices will start flowing without fail.
If you are at a point in your creating where you are ready to see what level you can take it to next, see what materials you can work with next. I encourage you to give it a try. Take one of their challenges and see what you come up with. Your creation might blow you away!

This coffee filter fluff tree was created for "The magic of Coffee Filters" call for artwork for Somerset Life. As Artists I think we always second guess our creations after we are done with them. We let them sit and we will pick at it and critique it until we no longer like it.
When I create for these challenges I send them off fairly quickly. And months later, sometimes a year later, when I hear or see that it has been chosen for publication. I have a new found love for the creations. & I wonder why I thought it was so bad.
Not all projects will be shared with our huge art community but that it certainly not the point of turning your projects in. It's fulfilling the desire we have to create everyday!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Thankyou for a very nice post!-)

So lovely pfoto...


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post Angela...I'm thinking of sending a few of my creations and actually considered trying th coffee filter challenge too! Your work is always so inspiring and I enjoyed reading about your friendship pouches:)

Piney Rose said...

Very encouraging post! I just completed 6 tiny coffee filter stilettos, each one different, and I've been picking them apart, wondering if they were good enough to send in...I'm gonna do it!

amy said...

that is the Divine Trio of magazines for myself. LOL. i am an avid reader. anyways, love love love all you create.

Shopgirl said...

Very nice post, and I learned from it which is always a good thing. I haven't done anything to turn into one of the mags, but it would be fun to try.
How did you color your coffee filters? I think it would be fun to make flowers out of them.
Happy week, Mary

Barbara Lewis said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You're obviously an artist because of your inherent desire to create! Love your nod to your favorite part of the school day.

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Hi Angela- It's been forver since I've been over! Your creations are gorgeous. I am in a slump- we moved in early December, got basically snowed in, and I haven't unpacked a single thing for my craft room. Too much cleaning and painting going on, never mind the job hunt! Good luck with your house hunt. it took us 6 months to sell ours. Be back soon- Lee

Jodie LeJeune said...

I totally agree with you Angela. I love these Stampington magazines too and after being published in two (in the same month), I was overwhelmed and now I think I'm a little addicted in the challenges too. I missed some of the deadlines for January...but creating now to send some off before Feb. 15th.
Right now though, I'm a little side tracked with our Saints football going to the Super Bowl...yay!!!!
Have I told you lately that I love your creations??? We have the same style and would be so cool if we lived closer, we could have LOTS of fun!!!!!
Happy New Year Girl and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the upcoming magazines~
everything vintage

jewelrygirl said...

That is so pretty! I just love the soft pinks for Valentines!


Ellie said...

Thanks Angela, I do love to create, when time allows. Then as you said,
the doubt starts. Some items deserve it, some don't.
Thanks for the gentle reminder...try, try again!