Friday, February 27, 2009


Today I'm sharing some beautiful things that I've found to purchase in the last few months.

All jewelry made by HAND OF FATIMA

Hand of Fatima's shop is always filled with Beautiful jewelry designs using the most unique findings. Her shop was featured on Courtney Love's hot list.

This necklace with all of the bright blue stones has two unique additions. She made the gold bracelets with diamonds on it detachable so I could wear it on it's own or in the necklace. Also, it clasps in the front with ease.
This is a very special Rosary that was my Great Grandma's. How fitting is it that her last name was Purl:) It was an incredible necklace before & I asked her to add a rhinestone finding to make it new and mine.

This is an amazing piece of Artwork! i LOVE this bracelet! I sent her all of these little findings I've collected through antique mall jars and flea markets and she attached them to the chain. Isn't it gorgeous?

I sent her these two small frames that used to have large stones in them and she added a little pearl and centerpiece to each of the frames that dangles beautifully. If you have some trinkets,charms & findings you've been saving. I strongly recommend sending them to HandOfFatima to make you the most beautiful piece of wearable art!

These dainty shoes I found in a resale shop and they were just my size!

Now here are some popular picks. Here are my MOO cards. I tried several images and they are absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend Moo cards if you can afford them but they are expensive at $20 for 100 of them while at Vista Print I just got a personalized ball point pen, 250 address labels, 250 Business Cards and a Personalized Car magnet for $7!
So if you are just starting out. Vista Print is the way to go!

Beautiful Betsy Doll head made by SADIE LOU WHO

Sadie is the founder of Lollishops and sells these beautiful Betsys. She has many colors for different seasons and the detail is spectacular and the design is so clean.

Glitter Glass Stars made by MEMRIE MARE
These incredible beauties are something only Marilyn Healey can do. I can't get enough of these and recently just ordered 100 to satisfy my NEED to use them on so many different things. If I could I would make a border out of them going throughout every wall in my house. I will be attaching them to my Crepe Paper trios I'll be selling in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! The day came and went without much excitement in my house. Which got me thinking. This year as I'm making my business goals and coming up with new art projects and starting Mops and my Son starting school it's going to be a very busy year. How will I be able to keep my marriage healthy , it's the most important relationship I have in life next to God. I think I came up with a solution for this year. & it just so happens to include a craft project and a journaling opportunity.

What I materialistically would've liked for Valentines Day was Wine, Roses, Jewelry, Candy. All of the usual lovely things that gets a girls heart melting but what I really needed was not any of those things. It was to stop everything for my husband & show him he is still the #1 relationship I will have here on Earth.
A great and wise friend taught me a lesson in my marriage that I hope I will always remember & that must be shared. I even have to use some of her own words to explain it because it's so new to me I don't feel I could explain the concept as well as she did.

So here it is. ... None of us deserve roses and wine and chocolates and our husband don't deserve a clean house to come to. We do those things because we are loved but NOT because we earned them! We have to follow Christ's example in this - We love because He loved us first. Practicing this in our marriages for a few months will show huge changes. We learn that we are not keeping tallies for each other that we are doing things for each other simply because we love each other. God's example of love isn't 50/50. It is 100/0. In a truly Godly relationship, the ratio looks like this 100/100. You are responsible for only your 100, even if your spouse does a big fat zero in the relationship. But it is your 100 that will move your spouse to respond. I've learned that I cannot give 100% on my own but that I have to ask God to help me. Otherwise we might get upset when our spouse doesn't respond the way we want.

Didn't she say that so simply and beautifully? Thank you so much Jenny for opening my eyes to this lesson. So on a daily basis, maybe even hourly I will have to be very conscience of the energy I'm putting into showing my husband my love.

Right after I had my second child my husband was in a job he hated and yet he worked so hard at this physically and emotionally draining job. Since we were on such a tight budget I also had to make his lunches everyday so to show my gratitude for him taking care of our family financially and in all other aspects I wrote in my notebook 365 reasons i loved him. Then I decorated some notebook paper and wrote down each one individually. I cut out these pieces of paper and put them on top of his lunch so that every day no matter how hard a day he was having I hoped he would know how much we all loved him for taking care of us. Now that he has a job he loves he was able to relay that when I did that for him it was really helpful to keep his mind on the big picture.

Everyday I will write something down that I loved about him. Whether it's something he did or just something I admired about him that day. Since I started on Valentines Day. My journal looks like this so far.

By next year on Valentine's Day I will have 365 more reasons I love him. It might even serve as part of his gift next year for him to see all the good he's done that year and how I appreciate him.

It sounds complicated and time consuming but you can try and conform this project how it will work for you. Maybe you have a daily planner you could jot something down in everyday. Maybe you can only remember to do it once a week. However you do it. I guarantee it will be appreciated.

I chose to use these Crown tags with Studs to write my daily affirmations to my husband because of the masculine feel these tags have but here are a few more options I have put in my Etsy shop.

Happy Valentine Year!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week I was invited to go to a Steering Meeting for my new Mops Group. We have this Lovely girl named Martha who is a Hospitality leader for our group and what's so wonderful about her is that every single meeting you know you are going to get a handmade little token of thanks for being there. Since my first meeting there I've always gotten a little treasure at my seat with words of wisdom attached. This single tulip with a simple verse attached is the exact kindness she shows to us every week. With the combination of this gesture and the yummy breakfast buffets and babysitting I'm set in Mops. I'm hoping I can find a way to use my love for the arts to contribute to my group as well because isn't true prosperity doing what you love to do. What God has given you the passion and the talent to do. I don't think you can feel more useful or prosperous unless you are doing exactly this.
This week in my Etsy shop!

New tag designs
Embroidered repurposed pouches

These cute pouches made from repurposed materials like children's clothing and pillowcases with cute details like embroidery and tulle mesh.

These Crepe paper Frill Trios are recycled packaging cardboard wrapped with my classic Crepe paper frills and satin ribbon. Finished off with an equisite silver German Glitter Glass star made by the wonderful MemrieMare

Thursday, February 12, 2009


UPDATE: Okay so much for getting the cute photos of the kids picking names. They were not so into it. Have I mentioned they are all under the age of 4. Jaedin & Valencia were too busy playing with their slide and Valoria wanted to rip the strings off the tags so Iwent ahead and did the fastest easiest picking winners technique. The scroll and click with my eyes closed. I had my husband sit beside me and make me keep my eyes shut so I would feel better about picking people this way. So after being locked out of my house yesterday I finally have the photos of what winners got what prizes....And here they are........

Giveaway #1 ~ Cupcake and all you need is love tags

Giveaway #2 ~ Wallpaper Envelope with Ephemera and Crystals

Giveaway #3 ~ Vintage Suede & Leather Gloves

Giveaway #4~ Pink Crepe Paper Roses

Giveaway #5~ Crepe paper frills

The 3 giveaway prizes have turned into 5 because of the greatly appreciated 256 comments. It's so great to meet all of you bloggers who I might have otherwise not known. So here they are.......the winners!!!

Here's the short list. This post will be updated later tonight with cute photos of my kiddos picking what winners will get what prizes.

1. Whimsy's Love
2. Tatting Chic
3. Sandra Evertson
4. Whispering Poppies
5. As seen through my Eyes

Since I wish I could give away so much more. Everything in my Etsy shop will be marked down 20% until March 1st!
Happy shopping