Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Papa called us over early Tuesday morning to do some sledding. We all pulled our 3 layers of clothing and 2 pairs of socks on and got to it in Papa's backyard. Last year Valoria wasn't even able to stand in all of the snow and this year she was flying down the hill with Daddy and Papa & giggling the whole way. Valencia also was a little weary of the idea last year and this year she was going by herself. Jaedin was the little daredevil on his knees and spinning down the hill. Then we headed in to have some of Daddy's warm homemade Vegetable soup.If you are having a day off coming up. Make sure to plan a special activity for your family. IF your feeling any pressure from life these are the days you have to live for:)
Thanks for having us over to make such a beautiful day!


Diane said...

looks like you all had a good day, perfect family Day. The kids look so cute out in that snow. Have a wonderful creative work week Angela. Hugs, Diane

Jenny Fowler said...

What cuties they are! I love that pick of Papa and Valoria. Valoria right or was it Valencia? They both look so much a like. What fun!


Oh what a lovely family... I miss those days... I wanted you to know I love my goodies.. I still want the bread of life & the cross.... xoxoxo laura

The Rose Room said...

Hi Angela, I found you through OWOH giveaway and today have read your entire blog (on and off through the day).
Your art is beautiful, your children are divinely cute.
Congratulations on being in Artful Blogging!
Mostly I just want to say that you and your husband are an incredible young couple, an inspiration and positive role model to other young couples with young children.
You have had an amazing year from the sound of it and all due to you!!!
Looking forward to reading your blog again - Rachaelxo

Pherenike said...

That looks like fun!

PS~Erin said...

What a perfect day! The pictures capture it so well... Love the third one of the kids headed up for more!

Sherry said...

It looks like you guys all had a blast. My kids love the snow, but I'm not to fond of it.

Did you get the package I sent? Just curious. I hope it arrived safely and it was something you could use.