Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Backyard Memory Tour

I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful place that holds many great memories for me. My childhood backyard, which I still have the pleasure of creating memories in throughout each year with my kids. I've had so many good ones here. Including riding my peddled go cart around. Playing with my 3 little itty bitty beagle puppies and jumping on the trampoline to a Madonna cassette tape in the summer.
This is the very place where my husband & I stood and got married. Under the Arbor made by my father's hands & roses climbing through the wood. Infront of the patch of trees God placed right there for me.

When I look at this space in the backyard it reminds me of all of the memories buried under this snow that lies at the ground. There is a sewer in the backyard that you can not see in this photo so after a big thunderstorm I would grab an umbrella and walk in the rain with my best buddy (Charlie the Beagle puppy) He would carry his chew toy in his mouth & follow behind me as we walked in the foot high waters streaming from the woods.
When I look at this tree I think of how old I am. This was planted not to long after we moved into the house when I was 5.
I've known as a kid I was lucky to live next to these woods. For our house not to back to another house was soothing for my soul. It fits me just right to have found the only "country" part of this suburban town. Not because I myself am country but because on a hard day or an especially exciting day I've always needed that quiet loyalty and beauty that the work of God provides. I can think of no other relaxing place in Missouri that I love so much as these trees against the backsplash of these skies. I've watched these trees dance in the winds through hard Thunderstorms and I've seen the lightning bugs create a natural light show on the deep dark canvas that is this patch of trees. (Bench photo: Courtesy of Papa)
And if we are taking a Grade Tour of Papa's Garden, It wouldn't be complete without a beagle picture. With 3 roaming around in the yard there was always one sleeping in the nice cool grass & I just know there were thinking that they hit the jackpot with this amazing yard that they get to call home. Here's to hoping someday I'll have a homespace that is as soothing and comforting to me as this yard has been.

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Renee said...

This was an uplifting post of childhood memories.

Because I am going to die, sooner than later I always question whether the kids (all adults) will have memories. I see that they will.