Saturday, May 29, 2010

Florida Vacation

This week our family is vacationing in Florida.. We are having an amazing time finding ocean treasures, dancing on the beach and relaxing as a family. This is the kids first time ever visiting the ocean and our first vacation as a family.

Here is the first day exploring the beach and the clarity and pure joy is captured in these gorgeous shots.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Velvet and Glitter Basket Kits

This sweet basket measures 5 by 5 inches and is inspired by a beautiful vignette on my windowsill in the hallway. Together a chipped egg bird nest and a tarnished silver candle holder make the most fanciful combination.

I wanted the kit to contain frilly, shimmery, textures. The velvet brown ribbon really makes the German glitter glass star sparkle!
To create this basket. I start with my materials...
-Nut Cup
-2 Brown and 1white coffee filter
-Strip of Music Sheet
-Pipe cleaner
-2 inch German glitter glass star
- strip of velvet ribbon

1st- Crumple the coffee filters into a ball and squeeze. Making the filters rough and wrinkled.

2nd- With Hot glue gun , run a line of glue across the length of the music sheet and place pipe cleaner over the glue. Fold music sheet over, covering the pipe cleaner completely.
3rd- Hot Glue around base of nut cup and set in the middle of a brown coffee filter.

Wrap the coffee filter around the cup pressing the filter onto the glue. Repeat with White filter and then last brown filter.
4th- Hot Glue Velvet Ribbon around the base of the coffee filter covered cup, Hot Glue the German Glitter glass star over the seam of the velvet ribbon.

You are finished! Create displays and vignettes on sills and shelves, table centerpieces, table settings. Use to hold vintage buttons or follies in your studio or fill with vintage ephemera shreds and give as a gift.
Make a basket with this kit for sale here. or order one and let me know you'd like it to arrive to you completed :) Hurry! Only 9 available~!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Valencia Love

Surprisingly there are 9,277 Valencia's in the United States (courtesy of
but I doubt any of their middle names are Love. A break down of her name meaning is this:

VALENCIA (Brave) LOVE (Love) HARRIS (Home Ruler)

We were certainly on point naming her this. That being said, it is interesting but the meaning of a name is not really something I buy into. The only true meaning of her name is what she perceives it to be. And she believes that everyone is obligated to love her because her middle name is Love. When someone asks her name, she is always sure to never leave Love out.

In a quest to make sure I can revisit these precious years whenever I want. I've been taking video, photos and asking them alot of questions to journal for their scrapbooks.
Here are the sweet answers she came up with for her questionnaire.

What is your favorite.....

COLOR: Orange
MOVIE: Snow White
DRINK: Orange Juice (because it's orange)
ANIMAL: Penguins
ACTIVITY OUTSIDE: Playing in the Sandbox

When you are sad. What Cheers you up? "Hugging Mom"

What is your favorite toy? "Penguin stuffed Animal"

What are you afraid of? "Ghosts"

What's you favorite thing to do with Grandma & Papa? "Eat Waffles"

What is your favorite thing to do as a family? "That's alot of questions Mom"
And so with that, our question session was over :) Which says alot about her as well. A sweet , well behaved little girl who likes to sit quietly and play.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A little Bit French

All of the wonderful creations seen in this post were made by
Rhonda at A Little Bit French

A great blogger friend of mine, Rhonda sent my girls some gifts through parcel and we sat to open the gorgeously wrapped items, that had been made and packaged with care.
Just for my sweet little girls. Thank you so much Rhonda~!
The girls were all dressed up getting ready for their dance class when we stopped to admire all of their new treasures. These amazing stuffed dolls looked as thought he image is printed on a muslin fabric and sewn and stuffed. The girls each claimed theirs right away and haven't since let go.

Little French notebooks for their letter writing.
And sweet little pillows to set in their doll houses.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Journal photo book

For Mother's Day the kids and I made this little photo book for Grandma. It has me wanting to scrapbook all of our photos like this. I do certainly love real scrap booking but I don't make any time for it. This we could definitely keep up with though. We printed off muted colored ink photos of the kids in wallet size photos and glued them to these little photo book/ journals I sell in my Etsy shop.

Then we went through every page and doodled with rainbow colors. for this project we attempted to make rainbow melter crayons. Unfortunately the project failed because we used cheap dollar store crayons which were made from some kind of wax that doesn't color after melting. Next time we will be sure to use crayola crayons.

It was fun though to show the kids how crayons can change into wax so they can then see how crayons are made.

These gorgeous journals can be ordered as a kit or can come to you completed for no additional cost. They are for sale here in my Etsy shop!