Thursday, July 23, 2009


My local church has pledged to fill 500 backpacks for local kids in my area who might otherwise not have been able to get the items listed on their school's supply list.
With my son's first day of school quickly approaching I certainly can understand what it might feel like to not be able to send my kids to school with their supplies.

We have less than a week now and are pushing towards to finish line 200 backpacks behind.
So for the the next 6 days you can purchase ANYTHING in my Etsy shop and know that 100% of your orders profit will go to this School supply drive.

And here are 3 of the sweetest models I know to pose for the cause:)

I will be assisting the very talented Stacy pack all of these 500 backpacks on July 28th. I will be posting photos of all of our hard work and fund's raised on July 29th!

If this is something that calls to you or you just need to stock up on your business tags,
Let's Go shopping!! YOURANGIL.ETSY.COM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birch Wrapped Candles

Hello Everyone!! Thank you so much for helping me enjoy my new articles coming out. I appreciate your encouraging words so much!!
I wanted to show you this very romantic summer lighting idea. Evenings around here are spent with wine and reading on the porch with my husband after the kids go to bed, so a regular old candle just won't do. To make it a little more romantic I set up these little vignettes around the deck of worn white pillar holders , white candles , white paper roses and small branches as well as a very quick project I did using some mini terra cotta pots and birch.
At my consignment shop I found these 2 mini terra cotta pot candles for only .50 cents a piece. You could just as easily use a terra cotta pot and tea light.
I didn't care for the green and gold so I took a very minimal amount of bark from a birch tree in my front yard and wrapped the candle with the birch using Hot glue. To finish off the delicate look I added a feather that was larger than the candle so that the light would show through it and added a masculine vintage trinket so that my husband could appreciate it as well.
Here's to many happy summer nights to you and your loves unplugged, outdoors and with each other!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holidays & Celebrations Vol. 3

Isn't it weird that I would get excited about something like this when there are probably way more people reading these magazines then who are checking the website for this kind of info but it's SUPER exciting for me and I knew you all would understand so I wanted to show you a sneak peak of my upcoming feature in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol. 3 !
I check Stampington's Website frequently for the new Articles and Covers of all of the upcoming magazines and I was SO thrilled to see that one of my Articles is being shown as what will be inside the September 2009 issue of Somerset's Holidays & Celebrations.

Here are the 2 projects I sent in to them and I can't wait to see the photos they've taken and how the Article came out:)
The Article will be based on these 2 mother's Day project ideas. How hard it is to think of something to present to your amazing mother when there is never really anything you can ever give to truly Thank her.
Thank you all for sharing in my excitment:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trim Tags Giveaway Winners!!

Hey Guys!!! I'm off to have a fun Birthday. I'm planning on designing some fun artwork decals for my car. Before I leave I wanted to share who the winners are for the 6 Trim Tag giveaways.

Numbers were chosen at Random Here.

GIVEAWAY # 1- Grey Goddess Trim Tags Set.......Linda K

GIVEAWAY #2- Sweet Pink Bow and Rhinestone Heart locket charm Trim Tag... Marie

GIVEAWAY #3- Pink Polka Dot and Golden Heart charm Trim tag...She Dreams Big

GIVEAWAY # 4- Glitter Glass Lace trim Tag....Brenda @ DragonFlysandStars

GIVEAWAYS #5 and #6- Set of 25 Amazing coffee dyed and Baked Shipping tags.......
Christine Annette & Frugal and Fabulous

Congratulations Everyone!
Now it's time for July TrimTags! Here are the First of many for the Month of July!
If you see one you just love come grab it here! They are going fast :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Antique Romance Etsy Additions

Thank you so much to all of you have given me feedback on the flowering lights. I'm SO glad that you all are loving them! They are fun to make and I am so anxious to get to creating more in many different colors and many different adornments. It was so hard for me to make a new post because I just wanted to see those light photos forever. But these new Etsy items are so romantic that you must see how pretty they are. too pretty to pass up!

This past weekend I was so excited to have found this Valerie Stevens Beaded clutch. she is a respected designer who does very lovely work. The clutch was adorned with thousands of mini beads and not one of them was out of place. The inside is lined with creamy white satin fabric.The moment I saw it i knew it needed this velvet and sheer millinery rose I had packed away in my craft room for the perfect project. SO now the beaded romance with the velvet and soft pink texture with vintage stamen and pom pom is just too perfect:)

I think this would be amazing in a wedding or formal photo shoot, a cottage vignette, tea party. A million uses for such a pretty purse.

What a sweet Sunday Hat! This is a Rustic Rose Hat with Velvet Polka Dotted sheer fabric.
A Very old Vintage tin filled with equally old green seam binding ribbon, cream thick sturdy lace, very sweet green and cream vintage buttons in a tulle sack.
It pains me so to let this GORGEOUS vintage ring go, but the size just isn't right. A beautiful silver band with a large faux diamond stone. I tried to set up the ring in such a sweet romantic way that it could be given in this cream small bird cage. Wouldn't you love for your sweetie to hand this to you and let you discover your amazing ring hanging from a strand of vintage lace. Along with a handdyed, hand stamped ephemeral rose.

Find ALL of these Romantic Etsy Lisings here in My Etsy Boutique!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Antique Pink Flowering Strand of Lights

Here it is! The prettiest project I've ever done!! I LOVE this strand of lights covered in crumpled hand dyed coffee filter paper. They are quite a bit time consuming adding paper roses to all 50 lights. But the final product is absolutely amazing. The photos turned out beautiful but you MUST see these in person. You will have the hardest time trying to decide just one place to put this Antique Pink Flowering Strand of lights.

These garlands measure over 2 yards and have 50 lights covered in pretty delicate looking paper flowers. The cording is brown and the flowers are attached with a white floral tape.
I have tried this in almost every room of my house now and I have yet to find a place they don't look stunning. Hanging over a Dresser Mirror, A free standing mirror, over the curtains, windows, over Kitchen cabinets, Setting in the middle of your table, outside wrapped around the deck, Hanging from the ceiling, my daughters room. SOO many perfect places for these strands of delicate looking sturdy strands of gorgeousness that I havn't gotten to try like an Antique Booth, Craft Fair, Vintage boutique!

If you can imagine this anywhere in your house I urge you to come see the listings in my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NEW July Etsy Listings!

Late 1800's Law Book Paper printed with Decorative Borders

Vintage Photo Album Mat Collages. Including tassel trim, handmade soft pink ephemeral roses, prima velvet leaves and vintage buttons.

Dark Cigar Box adorned with Bird nest, velvet prima leaves and a hand made ephemeral rose.

Gorgeous little blue and white floral appliques
Angel Paper Cutout images

Bouquet of a Dozen Soft Pink Ephemeral Roses with White stems
Pink Crepe paper Dress Earring cards
Vintage Medicine bottles filled with pretty vintage buttons

Long Rose Box filled with shop muses
White Satin Gown Earring Cards
White and gold Muse collection comes in a vintage beaded clutch.