Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm SO extremely excited to introduce you to our new baby girl puppy! She is about 5 weeks old in these photos and will be 8 weeks old when we get her.
We don't have a name for her yet. We will be making name lists and voting on names before we bring her home.

This is our little sweetie with her 3 brothers. She is the only female and as you can see the only one who is all white.
I'm SO excited to start this new journey with her. We had such a great time with the puppy that came into our lives for only 2 days and 1 night and I really believe that little Sweetie pie was a big piece of fate that brought me to our new baby girl puppy. Without little Sweetie Pie, we wouldn't have ever thought to get a puppy or a dog or this breed.
This new little girl is a Maltese & Poodle designer mix which are known for being great for people with allergies. They are non shedding & hypo allergenic.
Perfect for people like me who have suffered with allergies to pet dander all my life.
Of course there will be many posts to come of our kids playing with her and her milestones. Can't wait to share them with you!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello & Goodbye Sweetie Pie

This little darling here is Sweetie Pie :) and here is the story of how we had to say hello and goodbye....
Thanksgiving day my husband & I dropped off our kids at Grandma and Papa's house and had a fantastic date day. Watched a movie and had lunch then came home in the late afternoon. As we pulled into our driveway we noticed a cute little white puppy across the street.
My husband & I were outside bringing in Bins of Christmas Decorations, Preparing to put up our Christmas tree, which we always do the day after thanksgiving.
As we was carrying bins in, this little puppy comes running across the street and onto our porch and right to me. I picked her up because she looked freezing. I wrapped her in my coat and carried her back over to the house she was standing in front of when we first saw her.

I knocked on their door for about 3 minutes and got no answer even though 2 cars were in the driveway. So I took her back over to what we were doing because no one was coming outside to get her. About 10 minutes later when my husband & I had completed bringing everything inside I wrapped her up in one of the girls blankets and took her back to the house and knocked again. This time I knocked harder and waited for 5 minutes. Still no answer.
So I walked to a couple other neighbors that I knew were friendly and asked them if this was their puppy or had they ever seen it and no one had.
After another 15 minutes of talking with random neighbors I took the puppy back to the house where I found it and knocked again. Still no answer.

So I brought her into our house thinking, a puppy this small can not be forgotten about for this long and she obviously doesn't live around here because no one has come out to get her and no one is looking for her. So I just tried to keep her warm and wondered what to do with her.
Next I tried calling my local animal shelter to see if someone could pick her up. but it was Thanksgiving so no one was working.

It was getting to be time to go pick the kids up so I took the puppy in the car with me to go pick them up. We stopped on the way home to get some flea shampoo because she had a small case of fleas. While at Walgreens the employees oohed and awwed at how precious she was and one employee said they had a lost dog flyer at the front of their store that might be this dog. While the photo of the lost dog really didn't look like her, I called anyway to see and it wasn't the correct owner. The lady who had posted the lostdog flyers for her dog had been reunited with her loved puppy and suggested I make a listing on Craigslist that I found her.

So we brought her home and gave her a nice warm flea bath and I made the craigslist listings.
While I did this the puppy snuggled up with the kids, the kids really enjoyed bringing her stuffed animals and chasing her around the house.

The next morning the kids were so excited to have another day with her and knew we were looking for her family so we posted found dog posters in our neighborhood.
By Noon there was still no response to the flyers or craigslist postings so I gave her another bath and braved the cold and the black friday shoppers to take her up to Petsmart to get scanned for a microchip. I asked the lady there what kids of dog she thought this was and about how old she was. She said that it was obviously a cared for animal because the puppy had her toenails painted and had a decent coat of hair. But no microchip. So while we were at petsmart we got her a tag, I wasn't about to lost a lost dog that I had said I found! :)
We also got her toys, a little bag of food, and a little coat.

Next we took her to Grandma and Papa's house to get a leash from there so we could take her on a walk and so she could meet their dog, our final stop was Kennelwood, a grooming and board facility where my sister in law worked. I wanted to see what breed she thought the dog was. She said maybe a maltese/ spaniel mix but didn't know for sure. My sister and law then clipped her nails and trimmed her paw pad hair.
Finally we got back home and got the kids all bundled up to take a walk.

I enjoyed the kids working together to all take her for a work and took many photos. Only minutes after this photo was taken truck pulled up on the road and asked if I just found this puppy? I said yes, and he called his 18 yr old daughter who had been worried about her all night.
It turns out that her owner's dad lived at the house that I was knocking at all night but no one ever answered. I still don't know why, & it bothers me a little. I was SO disappointed, The girls and i had both had grown to like her alot. This experience brought alot of joy into our daily life for the 2 days she was here. & I believe that God just wanted to send me a message about what breed and size of dog was right for our family.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Filing~Rest a While

I have been working diligently the last few days on getting caught up in my posting about the 5 months of life I didn't get to write about yet on my blog.
Our home computer went down in late July and made it very difficult to blog. I didn't have my photos, thought I was going to loose 2 years worth of photos. I have a laptop to use but it didn't have any photos on it that I wanted to blog about.
Finally our home computer came to life for 4 days. Long enough for me to retrieve my photos.
Since then, it has shut down again. But I'm just glad my blog will be back to life~!
Thank you for coming today! and please feel free to go through these posts I've just made.
In order to maintain order I've filed them in their proper date order.
Beautiful Good for you Foods

Father's Day

What's a girl to do

Pink and Cream Paper Bouquet

Papa's Birthday Party

Valencia's 5th Birthday Party

They grow up so fast

Vintage Embellished Nut Cups

Wine Country Gardens 2

A Shabby Christmas

Luscious soft pink bouquet

Wedding Trim Tags

Etsy Destash

Etsy Destash

For the last 3 years I have had a room dedicated to my Art and Etsy supplies. My family called it the craft room. I have 3 children who have up til now been so small that there was no reason for them to have separate rooms. We basically had a playroom in the largest room and they slept on the couch which is like a giant bed or they slept in our bed.
Now that my son is 6 and in 1st grade he has a firm bed time and needs his own bed and room to fall asleep peacefully in without the girls waking him up. So I cleaned out my craft room. It was so much more packed than it looked and I found some really really lovely supplies I had been hanging onto for the perfect projects.
I decided they have stayed their time in my home and I had my chance to create with them, It is now time to pass them along to someone who has plans for these fantastic supplies.

All of these beautiful items have been listed in my Etsy shop.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Trim Tags

This month a Bride named Megan contacted me through Etsy to request my Trim tags but with her Bride's maids names on them. Her idea was to tie these onto Mason jars that will be holding the bridesmaids bouquets on a table also doubling as decor. She is having a fall vintage themed wedding and requested that there be any fall charms I had as well as using the colors of her wedding. A soft orange, light green and brown.

These match the Vintage Fall theme to a T and I can't wait to see photos of how she will be using them~!

After she received her Bridesmaid's tags she loved them and decided to request some custom made tags for her Sand Ceremony Jars as well.
On the center jar, there will be trim tag with their names and wedding date as well as a gorgeous vintage rhinestone pendant. And on either side of the center jar will be a jar with each of their names on them.

She also needed some small custom tags to tie onto her edible favors. I thought this was the best sentiment for these tags.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Luscious Soft Pink Bouquet

These luscious peachy pink roses were created with a new crafting material I've wanted to try out for a while. I have worked with regular crepe paper folds for 3 years. I've loved the ease of working with a thin paper and it's very pliable. This is a double fly crepe paper fold.
A bit more expensive to use. What's nice about a double ply instead of the thinner paper is that these folds have two slightly different colors on each side.Another great upside to using the double ply is that they are incredibly durable. The thinner paper gives a lovely softness and they turn out delicate. Which is a nice look but usually need to be fluffed after shipping where as these are sturdy enough to hold their shape.
The only draw back I could tell was that it was more difficult to work with because it was bulkier.
When it came time to pinch the petals together and wrap with wire, it was a bit of a handful but the outcome is well worth the extra time.

My daughter Valencia holding a bouquet of only 6 roses shows how effortless it is to use them as a flower girl bouquet.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Shabby Christmas

Some GORGEOUS shabby chic items I've just added to my Etsy shop!