Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jenny's Sweet Friendship package

Fated Follies Studios

No, this isn't a Swap package. It's just the most incredible and perfect gift. My very sweet blog buddy Jenny sent this to me when she knew I wasn't having the greatest of weeks. She sent me millinery flowers! Now I have like 3. Thanks Jenny! And Chocolate, because if you aren't addicted to nicotine you are addicted to chocolate.

The beautiful pile of perfect in every way lace and tulle and crocheted doilies.

Isn't this collage GOrgEouS! I LOVE it Jenny! It's one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door. Check out the other collage she made in her post

Thank YOU JENNY! You are so kind!

Ha:) Not the greatest Mother/ Daughter photo but Valencia was really needing to pick a flower so she was focused on taking a picture. So it worked out better to take a picture of her with the flower. This was her 2nd week of dance class. She's only had a handful of situations at a social meeting with other children so this week wasn't so great on the dance class front. She told me in the car ride there she didn't want to go to dance class. But at home she's always saying "I want my girls" (Her dance class buddies) & then we'll arrive there and she doesn't cooperate. I didn't know what to do with her. So we waited for a bit and watched them and she still wouldn't go dance so we had to leave. So, I think we'll try again this week. I'm just worried she will refuse to do it and I'll have to cancel her winter dance classes too. That would be a bummer. I was hoping she would LOVE going to class, getting dressed up and jumping around with other kids but she is usually a loner. I don't know if I'm suppose to make her go or if it just isn't her thing. And how do you know at 3 yrs old?

If you are admiring this incredibly adorable butterfly bag. It was made by my talented Sister in Law who had sewn it for me a couple years ago for Christmas. It was the perfect size for just her shoes tonight. She looks so adorable in her dance gear :)


Our Green Nest said...

Oh she DOES look so cute in her dance attire...hmmmm, well maybe next time she'll enjoy it more - I hope so!!!!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

oooh... jenny spoiled you, i see! :) how nice of her to send you such a lovely package to brighten your spirits. ahhh.. valencia (beautiful name by the way) sounds kinda shy in social settings. she may warm up to it eventually. no rush! i truly am admiring that pretty butterfly bag! cute.

Bev said...

How cute she is! It's real hard to know at 3 if that's her thing. Maybe something happened at the beginning that is turning her away or just being with kids she doesn't know. When my boys started sports, I knew after a year or so they just weren't made out to be in that sport....then went onto another! Give it time!

What great gifts from your friend...I'm jealous! Keep your chin up girl!

Oh ya, I tagged you so come over and visit....I'd like to get to know more things about you!


Saucy said...

She is darling perfection in her dance attire. And that parcel! You lucky girl.

jenny fowler said...

hey girly, you and the munchkin look quite cute together, did matt take that picture? well, i'm staying up until i catch up on your blog and your email and everyone else's (hopefully) that i've been slacking about. i am so glad that you enjoyed your package. hope you tell me your excitng news soon!