Friday, September 5, 2008

Through the mail this week..

Once Upon A Fairy Tale Swap : Princess & The Pea Set Sent to: Mandy @ Sewspun

My vision of The Princess sleeping on her famous pile of mattresses.

Can you see it? A little pink marble bead as the pea. Amongst the gorgeous silky embroidered fabrics that only princesses sleep on.

The base of this project is a Spaghetti box cut through it's height.

Here is the VERY cool Butterfly mobile Mandy sent me for the girls room. Mandy, these butterflies and their details like the beads and buttons are amazing. It's been so hard to get Valencia to stop playing with it. I try telling her it's to hang up but she wants to her "her" butterflies so badly :) Thank you We love it!
Top of the butterfly Mobile

Dot Atcs sent to: Lee Swap hosted by: Club Creative

The following Dot Atcs are from the very talented Sandra @
The Art of Confusion

Blogger has added a VERY cool new gadget called Followers. There is a gadget on the left sidebar above my Etsy link that you can be added to be my friend & a follower of my blog. Just click it & it will add your icon and link to that gadget.


Amy Sutter said...

What beautiful Papier! Love your blog!
Just wanted to let you know I am having a drawing on my blog, all can enter!!!

BellaKarma said...

What a cool interpretation of The Princess and the Pea!

jenny fowler said...

lovely lovely swap goodies. i am looking forward to your stuff from the fairy tale swap. now i'm off to clean up my "studio" AKA bedroom, haha, maybe that's why it can't stay clean!

allaboutpretty said...

Hi Angela, your creations are lovely, you're very talented and I have to say your best creations are those cute little ones of yours!! I wanted to let you know my giveaway arrived and to say thank you for my delightful package! God bless, Laura

kari and kijsa said...

What beautiful creations!

kari & kijsa

Chrissy said...

Hi Angela,

Yes, yes, yes... I received my huge box of fabric and LOVE it!! I made a friend a purse out of the vintage type fabric and she will just love it!!!

Thank you - you went above and beyond the call and sent me SOOOOOO much fabric. Thanks again.

Ayama-chan said...

What beautiful creations. Curious as to what you have organised for Summer Sack Swap. Angela, it seems that this is a blind swap as the person I am swaping to is a different person. Let me know if a SSS does not arrive for you and I'll organise something from the Far East for you. :D I have had 3 people not send anything for swaps and a 4th go missing on me this year. And it seems one of mine has gone missing in the post, (arg, remake, arg). So I know how you feel.

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Angela..I wandered over to your blog from Twyla's Two Crazy Crafters and wanted to stop and say 'hi'. What a beautiful family you have and I loved the story of how you met your husband..too cute!

Stop by when you get time and say hi!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am loving reading and looking at your blog today! You have created so many lovely works of art! Blessings, Katie