Monday, September 1, 2008

Lace "Face" Lifts

Look! Look! I finally found a Millinery flower. I'm telling you I've been to tons of flea markets and thrift stores and Antique Malls & have still only seen a handful of millinery flowers no matter how big or small. I guess all of you talented shoppers/ bloggers have snatched them up:) This aqua one has just a few velvet discolored petals. I wish they made these now. The lace tags I had for sale in my Etsy shop have gotten a "face" lift. They needed more sparkles and pretties on the fronts of the tags. So here's what I came up with Blushing Beauty Lace Trim Tags

and Brilliant Butterfly Lace Trim tags

Some more vintage finds from the Antique Mall I was so excited to find. Things that would probably be abundant in California that are so difficult to find here. I intend to use these gorgeous glittered bells for garland.

One of my wonderful blog friends Sherry is having a Blogiversary party and weekly giveaways. Congratulations Sherry! I have to show what a lovely gift she sent my little Valencia for her new dance class starting up in 2 weeks. Her daughter also went to dance class and she passed on some outfits and shoes but threw in her extra sweetness by taking time to make Valencia a special Dance bag. Beautifully sewn! Thank you so much Sherry! Both girls love the bag & the outfits.


Sherry said...

I'm so glad Valencia likes the bag and she looks so cute in the pink outfit!! I hope she enjoys dance. We aren't doing dance this year. It's the first time in 5 years, but we only have one car now and Earl needs it for work. I'm so sad!! Oh well, there's always next year.

Have a great time with dance!

Dawn said...

Hi Angela
Just joined Sherry's party!!
Love your blog and your tags are great - spectacular photos too!

fairychildheirlooms said...

Hi Angela!
It's so nice to meet you through Sherry's party! Guess what! We are swap partners for the 'wicked witch switch'! send me an email so we can exchange info...

jenny fowler said...

i like your solitary millinery flower. lol. i don't really have any either. no worries. most people buy the hats and then cut the flowers out! do you ever see those hats?