Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fox Theatre & Lace Roses

Just added to the YourAngil Adornments shop. New Vintage lace flowers. To tie onto almost anything! Use them as tie backs for curtains or tying around your silverware for an original table setting.
On to our latest experience at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. There was a beautiful sunset on our drive there to admire. When we got into the city there were old buildings to be admired like this very large Church and the Powell Hall.
Finally we arrived to the magnificent Fox. A sold out concert to Allison Krauss and Robert Plant. They were great but Allison was not as entertaining and outgoing as I though she would be for her many years of experience. She seamed nervous or like she didn't really wan to be there. The crowd had a great energy to it. A mix of hippies and bikers made for a fun gathering. It was great to finally hear Alison's voice in person. It was as beautiful as I thought it would be.

The Fox in all of its glory could not disappoint.
My husband & I have decided we must go back a daytime tour so we can get some great shots of the inside of the building. These photos just aren't the same.

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

We were in St. Louis on Sunday. We went to the art museum, the basilica and the Lemp mansion for lunch. It was a fun day. Funny to see pictures of St. Louise on your blog when I had just posted pictures of St. Louis on our blog. Twyla