Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Gift for An Artist

When one Artist gives another artist a gift. I think we usually tend to give our own creations because we ourselves love to create. But I think the best way to give a gift to an artist would probably be to use your artistic talents in the packaging and keeps the gifts plain. This way the Artist can get excited about what they would like to create with that simple form.

It was very hard from me not to want to embroider these gloves and decorate the metal lampshade. In this case these goodies were going to Sandra Evertson in the Carved Cardboard box shown in an earlier post. When giving a gift to her, we all know she will have something extremely lavish and genius to do with these things. Since she has to see the item everyday and knows what will be useful to her, it's best that I send them plain and ready for her Artistic vision.


miliusia said...

how much i love your jobs... ;) it is so creative..

Diane said...

Very beautiful, love the wallpaper envelope.
Hugs, Diane

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

eeek... beautiful! What a wonderful package! :)