Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift Giving

Isn't she beautiful? This pretty doll is part of a gift box I put together for someone who has given me the great opportunity to be on the largest stage I've ever been on. Being in any Stampington magazine is an honor. The amazing women whose creations are seen in these publications are not firstly professional artists but most of them are Stay at home mothers or Working Mom's who are true to their love of Art. Who create in their spare time. If this woman herself hadn't stuck with her passion we all wouldn't be receiving the Inspration every month that is any lStampington publication.
As A Thank you to Kellene Giloff I'm sending a Gift package of a few things I hope fit her style.
Jenny Doh has recently announced the plans to start incorporating Gift Giving into each of their magazines.
I'm especially excited about this news because I have a passion for packaging. To CELEBRATE is to Be thankful outwardly for what you want more of. If you do this, you are concentrating on the things you truly love in your life. If you are Thanking the people who make your life great then you are being grateful. Gratitude is one of my favorite lessons in life. God made us creatures of companionship. Therefore our mental, emotional and Spiritual well being sometimes needs help from our relationships. Gift giving is such a huge part of the practicing of Celebrating things in your life.

I purchased a side table piece of furniture from a Flea market in Missouri this past Summer and showed it in a post here.
It ended up being a not so sturdy piece of furniture but the drawer was still so beautiful and had alot of life left in it. So it was used for holding all of the gifts to Kellene and hopefully it will serve as a nice decoration or storage piece for her.
One of the very important aspects of gift giving is attention to the details. I wanted to create a way I could share a little background of each gift I was sending to her so I started with a small journal paper and sewed a scrap of gorgeous blue and gold fabric on the paper. I added a feather and a beaded embellishment. To mark each individual gift description I used rhinestones.

Keeping borders and cartooches around for your return address labels is a great tip to keep your packages looking lavish. Soon I will be selling packs of intricate Cherub and Filigree Borders like this one in my Etsy shop.Try & Celebrate the things in life you are grateful for this week and while your busy doing that, know that even greater things are unraveling for you next week!


Diane said...

Angela, everything looks beautiful she is going to be thrilled, what a lovely display of sweet eye candy.
Hugs, Diane

Miliusia said...

Thank you for your wish for the weekend! And I agree with Diane... everything looks amazing and
tastefully :)

Jenny Fowler said...

What beautiful gifts girly!! I know that I love my sewn folder that you sent me. I already have stashes of important things in it! She will love this stuff! I can't wait to see all your new publishings! Yippee! ;)

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Beautiful! I especially love the drawer. How pretty! :)

Renee said...

The packaging of this gift is the gift too. Beautiful. xoxoxo

maryboys said...

i am eager to see your next etsy offerings, angela...these gifts and the presentation are gorgeous.