Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in Steeleville

Counting up how many eggs Valencia got this year in the big Kid Easter Egg hunt! She got as many as I did last year.
It is such a luxury to be able to visit my Aunt Carlolyn who lives in Steelville Missouri. A Beautiful town! She has the most relaxing set of land that lends itself to amazing photos every time I come. The children can't help but look like props I'm using in a landscape photo. It always seems as the background is really the focal point of these photos. The kids had a great time exploring more than they can in suburbia. I'm so glad the kids have somewhere to go where they can play like kids should.It's about a 10 minute walk to this creek where they threw rocks in the creek, seeing who could make the biggest splash.My handsome son Jaedin who quickly ran off to play with his sister in the hay barn.
It was time to have a serene walk to the river. About a 20 minute walk I will show the scenes on the way.
This is the walk down her driveway to her gate.
The path to the River Ahhh..Finally here. The water was cold and the scenes were beautiful.

Springtime was clearly there as her trees were beginning to bloom

Thank you God for the beauty you made in these scenes and the beauty in who I call my family. I Hope your Easter was as Wonderful as Mine!


Rosemary said...

Beautiful children and a beautiful place.
Hope you are having a great week!

maryboys said...

such beautiful little children - and the setting is just fabulous:)

Brooks said...

awesome shots!!