Monday, January 12, 2009

Swimming class~ Etsy Update

Well, I've reached a new level in motherhood. The busy errand runner, we have swim classes, library story times, post office runs for etsy, grocery shopping etc. Jaedin and Valencia just started Swimming lessons and they love it. The only problem is Valencia refusing to leave the pool when class is over. Jaedin has a good time watching the other kids but doesn't like to "get wet" we'll have to talk about how this will be a problem at swim class.

Jaedin has completed Karate and Tumbling & Valencia didn't enjoy her dance class very much so we decided we would try something else. She really loves to swim so this is perfect.

The reason I wanted to start them in Swimming this winter is to get them ready for this summer. I'm sure I'm not the only mother who worries alot about her kids in the water right?

So hopefully they will know enough to be ready for Swimming pool season. Valoria was a trooper watching her brother & sister get in but she had to watch on the sidelines. She found plenty to do.
I've been working hard to get my Etsy shop stocked with new & fun items. Here are some pretty items that are available now in my Etsy shop.

*NEW* Silky Crepe Paper Frills - these rolls crepe paper are the classic sewn crepe paper with some gorgeous silky looking seam binding ribbon. It's been alot of fun to choose color combinations for these but the seam binding ribbon goes quickly with this project.

I'm keeping the Etsy shop stocked with white and cream roses because no matter your decor style, you can't go wrong with these colors.

I found a new way to package the crepe paper rolls in these supply boxes. I print cartooches on bright colored paper and personalize the tops with the persons name or shop.

This order took a while but finally I had personalized with calligraphy 500 crown tags. & packaged with funky pink pops of color.

500 Personalized crown tags.
I believe in alot of aspects in life that you will reap what you sow. Therefore I've been putting alot of thought & time into making my shop what I want it to be and the payoff is great. There are so many new products I want to offer like a line of head jewelry like in this picture

What do you think? Would you have anywhere to wear something like this?


Jenny Fowler said...

Busy, busy! I know how that is! I love your new tags and the crepe paper rolls with the seam binding. That is such a great idea. I hope you have tons of business! Do you want to hear something funny? I'm afraid to take Jaya swimming in a pool because of all the chlorine. Our tap water is practically chlorine water (it smells like it) and that is so bad for you. I want to teach her to swim by myself in a lake! :) Funny, huh? Scared of pool water? That is me.

Diane said...

Angela, I just found your Shop on Etsy and I decided to visit your blog! Wonderful inspiration for all young mothers. My daughter is a new mom with a 7 mo. little girl Amelie and wow she is having a tough time finding time to get her Shop up and running. I am going to have her stop on over to your place. Your creations are beautiful. I will have to purchase some goodness. You are now added to my Favorites.

Kotori said...

Oh - I love those tags (especially the ones with the little birdie in the corner). And that crepe paper is genius! I love it... I'm going to check your etsy shop right now!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I love meeting new blog friends!

Our Green Nest said...

Oh Angela, SO glad things are going SO well for you with Etsy!!! That's so wonderful - you deserve it! Such beauitful work!

MaygreenFairies said...

On my your tags are GORGEOUS and the hair band... SCRUMPTOUS, I wouldn't need an event to go to as an excuse to purchase one of these, it's a must have!! Hope all your items do well on Etsy hun. Hugs, Mandy x

Lori said...

Angela, your children are adorable:) thanks so much for popping over to visit with me...i love your new etsy shop updates...the little bunny tags are precious!!!

Libby Buttons said...

Gorgeous items and the roses...ah ..well...divine

Sherry said...

Jaedin doesn't look to thrilled to be at swimming lessons. You are one busy and wonderful mom!

Your Etsy Shop looks great and the hair piece is so pretty!