Thursday, January 15, 2009

Romantic Trim Tags

Faithful Angel Trim Tags

Finally! I made some time for my favorite items to make for my Etsy shop. I made a collection of 5 trim tags sets with cute little themes. They are all available now in my shop

A Cinderella Story Trim Tags

Love Bird Trim Tags

Juliet Trim Tags

Funky Love Trim Tags

Brrr. It's Cold! Here in Saint Louis there is an Arctic Wave blowing through and it was 0 degrees today. But at 8:00 when I looked out my kitchen window I knew I would have to bundle up and go out a photograph how beautiful it was. It sure doesn't look cold does it? The photo below I thought looked like it could be 70 degrees.
Since the kids & I are all huddled inside we've been doing alot of school work and cleaning. I did an official scrub down of the kitchen. I like to keep it perky and upbeat around here but.... I Hate scrubbing stuff! The word at the top of my list today was Yuck! and can anyone tell me why I have a cheese puff in my toaster and jelly on the side of my fridge? How do these things happen? Kid's have an unusual way of organizing.


Sherry said...

Your trims are beautiful, as always!

Kids do have an unusual way of organizing. I think it's just to keep us moms on our toes.

Stay warm!

Lisa West said...

Wow, these are so charming. I love the delicate touch of the lace and inspiring charms. I found you on Sherry's blog. Lisa