Monday, January 19, 2009

Beautifully Monocromatic

So here they are. My appearances in the newest Somerset Life Magazine!
The photographer and the Editor did such a great job with the title and description of my items. I'm very happy with the way it came to life. This was such a full filling experience & I hope there are many more articles and appearances to come. If ever I have ideas, it's now!
Just as success can energize and fill you with hope, so can discouragement. It can drive you to be better than you think you can be. You need those times of rejection and falling down to feel like you've accomplished something great. This quote below is exactly why I love to be an artist.
Artists can show there love through their art. Just like a musician through their music. I hope you all can see my romantic & hopefully fanciful style just how full of love I am and at times pure Joy for Life.


Our Green Nest said...

Congratulations Angela!!!! SO happy for you!


( my daughter's name also )

I soooo enjoyed viewing your blog work here. YOU have some lovely images and divine artwork. I would be so pleased if you could find time to come by my blog for a visit. Thanks for inspiring me with beauty today ! HOW WONDERFUL TO BE PUBLISHED
hugs and well wishes
jann clark

MaygreenFairies said...

Hey Angela, Congratulations hun, the spread looks wonderful, I can't wait to get my copy and see it in the flesh. Hugs, Mandy x

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You said it - artists show their love through their art and I definitely see yours. I am so proud of you for being published! I am going to get that copy just because You are in it! Twyla

Sherry said...

I can definitely see your romantic side in your work and the joy too! I can't wait to get a copy!!


Ellen said...

"how full of love I am and at times pure Joy for Life"
Yes i see your joy of life! Your packaging featured in Somerset has not left my mind for days,literally

Had to look you up kindred souls we are as I to am incredible grateful for life and jazzed about the Challenges.

Tell us about how you layered the ATC with the Bread of Life being held up..where did you find the image? how did you learn to write so beautifully?
BTW I love, love your pink, Shabby chic Christmas decorations. Where did you find the great chandelier?

Jenny Fowler said...

This is just awesome girly! Can you do me a favor? Can you email me large-sized photos of all the pages that feature you in all the magazines? I can't see them that well and I'm love to ooooo over them because I just know it will be forever before I can get a copy, if ever! Please?!

Diane said...

Congratulations on being published Angela!

Thanks to your help I am posting my first "comment" on a blog. Your work is beautiful. Since you love buttons you may want to take a look at my Inspiration for today on my blog! There is a free goodie to be found!