Monday, January 19, 2009

"Madame Purl"

Have you ever seen the calls for artwork in the back of a Stampington Publication before? This issues calls for Artwork too fun for me to pass. I'm going to try most all of them. Even if you decide not to send your projects in, don't you think that their challenges are really like when your in your Elementary & High school Art Classes and your teacher would write an assignment on the board every day of something for you to draw in your sketchbook like "Draw an insect with a job"

Well, I found myself writing the ones down that were interesting to me and studying them like an assignment. The "Creative Bug" struck instantly. I had to work on them now!
This little bug is convincing me the assignment is due tomorrow.
It's midnight. My eyes are squinting and taking turns closing while the other one works diligently.
Good thing I'm not behind my craft table like Martha Stewart being recorded :)
It's 1:00 a.m. now and my husband is giving me funny looks as I'm walking back and forth from my craft room to the kitchen island (my glue gun) post. Every time I'm carrying some kooky crazy concoction of a sculpture.

I'm wondering why I'm staying up to make this thing I don't even know what the point of it is. But the "Creative Bug" that first told me to get started and was so persistent is now calming and I'm wondering if maybe what I thought was a macho Mafia bug is now a delicate Jewel of a Butterfly. She's willing herself into existence through this tired body. She has a nice soft voice , she's clothed in whites and silvers. Like a Winter Wonderland Fairy. The Button Fairy?

Well here she is "Madame Purl". Guardian of her Buttons.

Has anyone ever Sleep(crafted)?
When I awoke this morning to find what kind of interesting creation (we call it fanciful) I had made I saw that these Jars of Treasures are exactly what I was wanting to create. A way that these vintage glass spice jars would be able to be used in my craft room. Not just shown. With a home that is less than 1,000 sq. feet everything in my house mus have a double purpose. It's aloud to be beautiful but it also must have a use. These alterations to these jars are enough to achieve the romantic, whimsical look for my craft room I wanted but they also will still hold glitter and buttons to be easily accessed. So I challenge you to go into your craft room and look around. close your eyes and then sketch an idea of how you can alter a storage piece in your room.


Lisa West said...

I love the stars verse you included. I made a small angel mini-book for one of my daughters that includes all the Biblical references to the stars and moon. I think you will like MOPS. I don't go to every one of them, twice per month, I tend to choose the topics that interest me. What a great thing for moms to get together, eat, and learn "mom" stuff! Tomorrow our topic is "natural remedies". Lisa

Bev said...

Oh Angela, I just L-O-V-E what you did with that spoon!! I especially love how you incorporated the feathers in the back and the wire w/sparkles coming from behind - soo cool!! I think you should submit this somewhere! It is too unique!!

Thanks for keeping in touch and sharing!

PS~Erin said...

I admire this type of creativity... I'm a planner and sit and think and think before beginning. Look at what beautiful things come from just going with the moment(s)!

Pat said...

Angela, You are very talented and wise for one so young. I have enjoyed reading about you both in Artful Blogging and also Somerset Life. You go girl!!! pat

Pat said...

Angela, Thanks for your visit to my blog...yes, I have infinite patience for my work...laundry, grocery shopping, etc....not so much. I appreciate your comment very much. Now, about that spoon artwork.......DIVINE!!! Pat

Jenny Fowler said...

Hey lovey! I love your creative bug. She's lovely! I know your stuff will get picked!

Marrianna said...

Madame Purl is fantastic. Who would have thunk it? I have jars and jars of buttons in a little cabinet at the end of my hallway. I think I'll find all those miniature spoons I once found at a garage sale and put a picture inside to liven everything up. Love your article in the Artful Blogging Feb. issue.