Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zombie Jar Swap

Okay, So maybe she isn't much of a Zombie but she sure is a pretty witch. I altered her pants outfit. I think she started out life meant to be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz but now she is a witch trapped in a Vintage Mason Jar with glittering silver stars. I created her skirt from black silk and added coffee stained lace. I finished her skirt up with a sheer ribbon waist wrap. She sure can pose.
This Glamour Ghoul package was put together by Sasha for the Swap she hosted The Zombie Jar Swap.
It came beautifully wrapped with an incredibly cute sparkly mask and her handwriting was also a treat. The package traveled here from Canada so it had to pass many hands and even through the tissue and shredded paper the glass jar broke. Sasha sent me pictures though of what it was intended to be. It was wonderful. I've looked for a replacement glass at Home goods but but I've grown used to it not having one now so I think she'll remain this way. I can see the blingy goodies better without glass :) Thank you Sasha for making me such a Gclamouring Goul. She's great!

The very pretty orange glass bell that didn't make it on it's journey. Isn't that a big beautiful black rose though! The rose and the hanging crystal will be salvaged for another project I'm sure. The swap was very much a success and I've found another Wonderful blog that I LOVE to read now! Thank you again Sasha!


Saucy said...

Gosh, a little tear springs to my eye when I see that broken glass but I'm glad you like her anyway... I agree that without the glass it's easier to enjoy all the fancy stuff at her feet! You will certainly find a good place for that vintage flower, and the crystal came off my very own chandelier! xoxo

Sherry said...

Sasha did a great job on the Zombie jar! Your little witch looks great too!


Anonymous said...

Oh my are such a generous soul! You have completely flossed over the broken glass! You have real class, m'friend!
xoxo the fan
p.s. saucy was soo upset!

jenny fowler said...

oh my goodness girly! that is a lovely base with a scary zombie! even though it broke, it still does the job! i like the less frightful zombie/scarecrow you made, lol! :)

Our Green Nest said...

Cool stuff. I was going over past comments of yours on my blog - I'm trying to get better about responding. Do you know why some people you can directly respond to comments via email and some you can't?? I can't for you :(! Maybe it's something you have to set up w/ Blogger - I don't know. Hmmm...Anyway, tu for the sweet words when I was down and out that one wknd - I KNOW, mastitis is terrible! So sorry you had it too with your 2nd! :( Talk soon.