Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Etsy shop this week

Vintage Lace Roses. I've started designing sets of 2 and 3 vintage lace roses to use as napkin rings for a romantic dinner or bracelets for you and 2 friends. The uses for these are never ending. Bookmarks, on candle sticks, curtain tie backs, to tie around your ponytail, rear view mirror, gift bags, favors and on and on.HUGE altered Canvas shopping bags. I will be making many shopping bags that match in a shabby, modern, vintage way. Hmmm that's eclectic. These bags are extremely sturdy and fold down a bit for easier carrying. I shop every 2 weeks. When I go I take them out of my trunk and into my cart. I open them up and put them on the cashiers bagging station so it's easy for them. Then after I get home and put the groceries away I make a trip back out to the car to return them to my trunk or I put the bags with my purse that way I know I will have them the next time I go shopping.

Here is the project I've been the most excited about because it's a craft supply I haven't ever had in stock. I don't keep a sewing machine lying around to be used because there is no space and it's somewhat dangerous for the kids so I had a wonderful time making a large stockpile of many colors of crepe paper frills. I'm including 24 yards in one big box! I will have a few different color combination kits for sale.


Our Green Nest said...

YEA for reusable shopping bags - great Angela!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

So many pretty items going into your etsy. I loved the teal trims, by the way!
I wish you would have participated in the swap Angela. You always do the prettiest things. Last time, I don't think I got your cards, and I was looking forward to getting some this time... for Valentine's day maybe?
Thank you for visiting me. :)

laura said...

IM so in love w/your lace flowers. i really am! They are gorgeous. I am sure ill find a way to slip one into my wedding somehow :) check out my lace wrap that another etsy seller made me, on my blog. Its really beautiful. Ill talk to you soon about the colors for my crepe flowers. Thank you! Laura

jenny fowler said...

angela, such lovelies in your shop! i love how you packaged the crepe paper! super cool, as the french say it of course.