Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Wardrobe

The first wave of Fall sickness has come and gone. My son woke up with Croupe the other night which came out of no where. He hadn't been sick for any amount of time. Weird. the girls were starting to get the sniffles so it was time to open the windows to pull some fresh air in. Next I started with Clorox wipes (the lemon scented ones) they are SO addicting! And then made some Vegetable soup. The yummiest thing for a soar throat. I'm not sure if it was the cold or the Vegetables that kept everyone from eating it but I sure loved it.

Last week was time to break out the Winter clothing bins and pack away Summer so this week I was armed and shopping with my list of items needed for the upcoming seasons. Thanks to my thoughtful and generous sisters and brother I only needed socks for the kids but for poor neglected old mom. I need sweaters! My mom & I headed to the mall where we found a very cute sweater and American Eagle clearly hasn't received the memo about money woes because they saw it fit to charge $44 for one sweater! What!? Anyways on to the thrift store.

There I found 5 sweaters for $5-$6 each. All in perfect condition from brands like Gap, old navy, the limited & express. This beautiful purse was the perfect purse that I wasn't looking for and don't really need but it's what I call my "motto color" of the season. I'm loving this color for Home decor and fashion. It says fall and warm to me.

This Swap package came to me from Missy at
Fairy Child Heirlooms for the Wicked Witch Swap. This is the last for me for many months. What wonderful things came from my swapping experiences. I will have to dedicate a whole post on reasons to swap but for now let us recognize this beautifully made Art doll!

Thank you so much for a perfect package!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yes, you can't beat thrift stores for the prices and the variety. Your swap looked delightful. I have met some very dear friends through swaps, that's why I like them. Twyla

Bev said...

Thrifts are the best!! I L-O-V-E that purse!!! Hope the little one feels better soon - I know how the croup can be!


Anonymous said...

Awww! You are so welcome, Angela! I had alot of fun making everything for you!

jenny fowler said...

yay for thrifting and swaps! :) i have plenty of sweaters but i won't wear them because i think they make me look bad. so i wear my husband's hoodies. :) lol. i'm a ragamuffin.

Judith said...

Like your sweater collection. I too got a nice sweater from Gap.