Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sevens Galore

Unplug Yourselves and try these things. Seven things to try instead of turing on your TV or computer this week!

Feed the Birds Play in the Dirt

Take a drive.
Go to the Park

Go for a Walk

Read by a fire with a blanket and a pillow

Enjoy what God gave us *God did NOT invent the TV! * :)

These simple questions took me forever to answer. I've discovered in doing this tagging I'm not so in tuned to what I was looking for out of life. So I will be getting up 1 hour before my kids every morning to sit a reflect and meditate about what emotions I want to have that day, what specific events I want to happen, Things I want said to me that day. And therefore make my actions reflect those things.

7 Things I plan to do in my life
1. Travel (Alot) Ireland, Hawaii, Paris & Italy to name a few.
2. Learn to speak Gaelic
3. Open some businesses..One being a photography shop that specializes in recreating Vintage photos. The other being a Refurbished finds Shop.
4. Buy my husband a Ferrari
5. Buy & decorate my home and then have it featured in a Home decor magazine.
6. Write many books....About Calligraphy, Home decor, organization, children's books & trash into treasure themed.
7. To see my real life exceed my dreams

7 things I do now
1. Work toward my goals
2. Plan lots of fun outings, get togethers and parties for my family

3. Read
4. Blog
5. Be a wife and mother
6. Go to Church
7. Make friends

7 Things I can't do...(yet)
1. Speak another language
2. Some yoga poses
3. Have everything I want
4. be taller (don't want to be, but never the less can't do)
5. Roll my R's to speak Spanish
6. dance choreography
7. yell

7 Things I say most often
2. Thank you
3. Let's Go
4. No!
5. Do you need a diaper change?
6. Wash your hands.
7. Don't touch!

7 Favorite Foods
1. Avocado
2. Pasta
3. French Bread
4. Cheese
5. Crab Rangoon
6. Chocolate
7. Cantaloupe

7 Favorite Songs.. (This month)
1. Lost (Michael Buble)
2. It doesn't matter (Alison Krauss)
3. Free Fallin' (John Mayer)
4. Disturbia (Rihanna)
5. Forever (Chris Brown)
6. Little Sparrow ( David Cook)
7. So What (Pink)

From Country Frog Creations I was tagged to share with you 7 strange or random things about me or my blog

1. I cover my eyes in scary parts of movies. & I absolutely won't go near any kind or sort of scary thing.
2. I don't like Chick flicks
3. I'm obsessed with checking my E-mail
4. I'm on a (mostly) raw food diet
5. My blog is only 9 months old
6. I used to do Gymnastics
7. I spent alot of time in detention and in in school suspension. And I liked it because I got to be alone :)


Saucy said...

That Pink song is so catchy! I lurrve it. Also obsessed with checking email over here! I love your vintage photo shop idea.

jenny fowler said...

it is amazing how much your kids look like you and matt. if they get lost everyone would know who their parents were. you guys are cute. it looks like you are having a lot of fun being outside together. i liked your answers for your questionnaires. i'm not good at answering those but i manage. haha. mine just become a joke. :) your meditations sound oprah-ish, eh? did you know she's got her own online-church thing going. i did a little research on it... but you know how i am.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

that is a lot of 7's! :) Avocado... I forgot about avocado. I love it, too!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

ok, i'm back... i wanted to tell you that i used one of the cards that you sent me for a card swap a while ago for a collage project. check it out when you have a chance!