Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yesterday I woke up with a brick of anxiety sitting on my chest over the Artful Blogging Article I'd been writing. I'm sure I freaked myself out a little too much about it. Everything I wanted to say was always in my mind I just had to retrieve it and organize it into clear headings and paragraphs. It was SO much fun though. I'm very pleased with the Article and can't wait to see it. I'm still waiting to hear on which issue it will be in.

I wanted to do something really fun to lighten my mood for the day so I arranged some of my favorite gowns and got all dressed up. My hunky husband was the photog. He did a great job.
My Dad's beautiful garden was the backdrop for the photo shoot. It's glorious in Spring 7 Summer but it is just as warm and rich in the fall.
Miss Jenny recommended the Author Francine Rivers to me when I announced I had started reading. Now, I feel like Francine Rivers is turning me into a professional reader. I've finished two of her books in only 2 days time! That's over 500 pages! It blows my mind that I was never interested before. This book was my favorite of hers so far. About the Story of Tamar from the bible who has an unshakable commitment and obedience to her husband and God. I've found so far in reading that I'm more likely to be genuinely interested if it was a true story or inspired by real events. So I'm really into Historical Fictions.
Another love I found this week is Barnes & Noble. It is like a day at the Spa to go there and read all of the Stampington & Martha Magazines and browse the many hundreds of books. Everything is so artful and creative there. My favorite section is the Aisle of Journals. They had amazing leather binding journals with engravings and gold trimmed pages. Of course I would have liked one of those but settled on this one below. It is my "In the moment" Journal. I'll be keeping this in my purse so that when ideas come to me at the store or in the car I can jot them down.


jenny fowler said...

aww angela, you are so sweet and you look lovely in your gowns. i'm glad you got dressed up to be beautiful. i'm also so happy that your article is done and you like it! just breathe out as you have something finished behind you! yay! i hope you can find all the books in that series you are reading. i believe there are five. shows all her other books. did you tell matt about the ones i recommended? you will love them too but redeeming love is still by far the bestest! :) i wish i had a barnes and noble near me. i used to love to go there and find a chair, get a chai tea and read! oh the days... :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, I am so excited for you! I didn't know you were going to be in Artful Blogging. Congratulations! You look beautiful in your gowns. Lindsey and I have the same 'thing' for Borders. We can go in there and spend hours and still not see everything! Happy Halloween. Twyla

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Angela
Just catching up with your blog. I hope your family has got over the fall sickness. You sound to have some real bargains from the thrift store. I love a good rummage like that! Your wicked Witch Swap package from Missy looks fantastic. I am so happy as Missy is my partner in the Christmas Stocking Swap. You look stunning in your exquisite gowns in your Dad's beautiful garden. Thanks for showing them.
Best Wishes

Laura Youngren said...

Angela your dresses are beautiful and you look divine! Blessings, Laura