Monday, October 13, 2008

Table for one

Table settings can be art. Depending on where you start.
Head of the table or mid way. Set the table like Jesus say
Faith at the head and peace too. While humbleness and love comfort the new.
Family and friends that stop by to share. Some wholesome type stories with special care.
Then joy and laughter touches the heart as forgiveness and repentance make a new start.
By offering up prayer all around and blessing the food before they chow down.
To do this mealtime gathering, to feast and feed their souls.
as the host set the table with Christ in control of this table like setting that is art.

Poem by: Theresa Lavonne Baltimore

As most of you know I was born with a lacking love of the color orange. I created a rustic neutral flea market table setting by collecting some items around my home I've had. In all honesty I still don't know what I bought this screen door for. It was only $3 at a flea market and it has a useful beauty like no other piece of furniture. Can you image what years this was used? and on what structure it was used? How many times it slammed shut on cool fall nights with the owners on the front porch swings starring at the stars.

I set this screen door on top of 2 small columns. I painted the small orange pumpkins the kids and I just picked for the pumpkin patch. I painted 3 a grayish pink and the other 3 a light tan color. I draped vintage jewelry over the pumpkins. Set in true woman style. You have to have the sun sparkling of some crystal clear glass and some shimmering diamonds don't hurt.

This week I feel a strong message coming to me from life that is pushing me harder to jump out of my comfort/lazy zone and create some wonderful things. I think of it as the feeling of being loved by everyone in the world. Well how would you feel if everyone in the world loved you? I would feel like no matter what kind of crazy abstract things I could think of they would be well recieved. So I'm going to hold back less. With what I say in conversations like not hesitating in going to church because I don't want to say the wrong things or whether it's photographing or blogging.


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

So pretty Angela. I love the neutrality of the colors in your table setting. They're so soft, and they make the rest of the color pop. You're so creative. Great idea not holding back... being a person that is too reserved, I admire you taking the leap. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I really like what you did here. and how creative to use the screen as a table! I received the witch switch package today and of coarse I love everything! I'll post the pictures in a few days when I know that you received the package from me. In the mean time, come on over to my blog and get your blog award!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lovely table Angela,
I love the sweet touches and pictures from all angles especially the jewels. Looks like
you are having a beautiful fall.
Blessings, Katie

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Go for it, Angela! You are a beautiful, creative woman and have much to share with the world. You can make a difference in other peoples lives just like you made mine more beautiful today from your lovely blog post. Have a great week! Twyla

Saucy said...

Now I'm especially worried because orange is a bit of an issue on your swap! Not to let the zombie out of the jar or anything... but the glass is orange! I hope that's okay!

I also hope that it has arrived safely! Is it there yet? I'm losing sleep over it.

TattingChic said...

Hi Angela,
Those are some lovely fall colors.
Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. The tool you received is called a "tatting shuttle. I think it's totally cool that you want to learn to tat. A book is not a bad idea to use as a resource. Most people struggle with the concept of the threads swtiching places or "the flip" as many like to call it in making the double stitch. A great book is called "Fancy Pants" available at (handy hands tatting) and you can also view free tatting lessons on You Tube. Another great resource and source of support is eTatters at:
It's free to join and everyone is very friendly there. It's a social network forum for tatters of ALL skill levels from "wannabe's" to "experienced". Come and join the beautiful art of tatting!

jenny fowler said...

i sure did miss a lot! so you decided to use those photos anyways? they look great, nonetheless. i love the subtle colors with the white. very melancholy but lovely too.