Monday, November 2, 2009

Autumn Days

On an early Autumn day this year the kids and I were anxious to get out of the house. After seasonal purging of unwanted home decor and toys we took these items to Merry Go round. (Our favorite consignment shop) We chose all new toys.

Pet stuffed animals were popular. A kitty cat that my daughter named Rosebud who moves and purrs and licks her paws. Perfect for our family, who has no chance of ever having a cat because of my allergies. Here are each of the kids special finds for the day.
Jaedin ended up with a $8 huge racetrack with cars
Valencia has her Rosebud Cat and Valoria chose a mini puppy and purse along with a dancing Disney princess. A successful day indeed. we spent the remainder of the day picniking and playing on the porch with our new finds :)

Another Beautiful Autumn day My husband & I took our 2 girls to a special park while my son Jeadin was at school. This park we walked through is a local photo shoot hot spot for professional photographers. It also happens to be where my husband proposed to me 6 years ago.

It was special to see them enjoying the same park we have so often had dates before they were born.Valoria feeing the fish in the pond.
Valencia modeling the flower she picked and put in her hair :)

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