Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pie Feast

That's my sweet little boy on the left. The kids in his Kindergarten class chose if they wanted to be pilgrims or indians and made outfits according to their choices. The pilgrims made collars and hats, bonnets for the girls. The indians all made vests out of Grocery bags and headbands and wrote stories in Indian writing on their vests.
His teacher held a costume making party where parents came to help their little ones make their attire and the next day some of the room mothers & I came to set up their Pie Feast table. I brought all of the table decorations from home so their was no additional cost.
The Pilgrims...
The Indians....
And my sweet little girls who came along for the party..

It's been so fun being a room parent for my son's class this year. I can't wait for the Christmas and Valentine's Parties to come!

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Martha said...

Angela ~ how fun! I am so glad you are enjoying it!!!