Monday, November 30, 2009

Valoria Turns 3!

A couple months ago I purchased Cinderella Birthday party decor. For months Cinderella has been her favorite Disney princess and I thought that would be a safe bet for a Birthday party theme. 2 days before the party she starts saying she wants a Flower Birthday party. She as far as I can tell is the artists out of the 3 and can spends hours at a time coloring and painting when the others loose interest. So the day before her birthday party we spent an hour painting 6 sheets of cardstock. every inch filled with acrylic painted flowers. We threaded satin ribbon and used it as a banner hanging over her tea party table.
Valencia using Grandma Purl's (My maternal Grandma's) cat tea pot and tea cups and saucers.
You were an unexpected blessing and I've never known a love like I love this little girl!
We pray for your health and safety everyday. God Bless you darling baby! xoxo

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Martha said...

Happy Birthday to Valencia!!! The pictures are precious Angela! I love it!