Friday, October 30, 2009

Handmade Weddings

This month I've had so many great & original requests for weddings. Each request is great because it gets me creating something I hadn't thought of to offer selling in my shop.

Like this beautiful Church Pew decoration for a bride whose colors theme is cream, pink & wheat.
She will have 20-30 of these beauties lining her aisle.

And these ivory card stock tags with teal printing and hemp ties. Finished off with accent pearls. She was giving handmade snacks for her favors.


CelticWoman said...

Angela, I am always moved by your sense of style and harmonic colors. Your gentle soul comes out in everything you touch. Thanks for sharing. Sandi

Anonymous said...

very beautiful!I adore home made beautiful things like this because they are more special. So beautiful!

Sharon said...

What lovely ideas you have. Sharon

Martha said...

Everything looks so lovely Angela!!! You always do such a wonderful job with detail and making everything special for everyone...that is a true gift you have!

Federica said...

Gorgeous! I just found your Etsy shop, stunning!
Do you ship in Italy??