Friday, October 2, 2009


You all are such sweet friends! How blessed we are to be able to encourage each other's endevours from afar through this blog world.

I would like to share about a friend of mine named Martha.

First of all, I'm so excited to share a few details about an upcoming feature in Somerset Life about custom fabric pouches . This article will be coming out early next year.

In the article I tell a story of how creating these pouches came about and how they were a way for my friend Martha & I to find that we both appreciated the Arts. Martha was our Mops Hospitality Leader last year and she is the one who encouraged me to step in this year as Hospitality Leader. I'm thankful for it because it is so much fun!
She uses my Trim tags in frames around her home, on her customer packaging and on gifts.

on her blog you can see her beautiful, simplistic ,clean style that I LOVE! She has a beautiful family and a love for God. Her blog is called Butterflies & Dragonflies. All of the above photos are ways that she's used my creations for her packaging and home decor.
Martha also happens to be a successful Arbonne Representative. Her products are always wrapped in the most lovely way. See what she's up to at her blog Butterflies & Dragonflies.


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet. Your kind words keep bringing me back because I feel so happy reading your blog. :) Have a lovely weekend!

Martha said...

Angela ~ you are way to sweet...I appreciate all you do for me and my projects/business...and most of all I love that we are friends ~ I am so thankful for that!!!!