Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Church Circus

Two years ago I was given a beautiful glossy card Welcoming me to attend an all FREE event at a church with wonderful digital design, it was given to me by my friend Ann & I attended with the 3 kids by myself. I packed up 3 very small toddlers in one stroller. The kids got balloons, ice cones, prizes, played games, we won a cake and if I looked like I was having trouble someone was there to help. It was called the "Church Circus" at Morning star Church near my home.
I mentioned it in a post here.

It was shortly after I had read an Annette Smith book "A town called Ruby Prairie"
I felt more comfortable inching my way into a church surrounding.
After the church circus I was thrilled to go to a service. I was very welcomed and my kids were each in classed they really enjoyed.
It was free, spiritual, it was a break for me and a socializing opportunity.
This year I'm in Mops and the Co coordinators deciding our group would offer a Tent to be a Changing and nursing station at the event. Offer home baked goodies and free changing supplies as well as a comfortable and somewhat private place to nurse.
It was like a full circle moment for my experience at church. What had brought me to this comfortable place of fellowship was this Circus and now I was working to do the same for someone else. It turned out great and our group's ladies each volunteered to work certain shifts. Our community brought over 4,000 people to this event. Even on a chilly rainy day people came.

That was in October December of that year I had thrown myself into a outreach project our church was doing called Christmas Wishes. In which families adopted a family or single person to buy gifts for. The church helped 260 families have a gift filled Christmas and I met a new friend named Stacey who was in charge of outreach at our church.
This year I'm so excited to say I will be helping Stacey by being Co-coordinator of Christmas Wishes!!
So you will see and read a lot more of this outreach program. Can't wait to show you the volume of thoughtfulness this program induces!

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Anonymous said...

I love this story Angela! Mops was the first place I felt comfortable to leave my infant in the care of someone who was not family. When I saw the arsenal of rockers and loving "grandmas" eager to comfort little ones I knew it would be fine.

You will do a great job with Christmas Wishes!

--Vicki K