Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving in Steeleville

It's an annual get together in Steeleville Missouri for my Dad's side of the family. We have been going since I was a baby. I can remember getting to ride the four wheeler with my brother on the gravel roads around to explore the small creeks. I brought childhood friends many times. Always so many good memories made here.

Here are the pretty new vintage looking dresses I found for the girls at Kohls. It seems like they are always having half off sales on these dresses so I've never really spent over $20 on each.

I'm not jealous or anything but here are Valoria's favorite people in the world. Her Grandma & Papa. I shall not address the princess Valoria in Grandma's presence because she will ignore me :) I'm just so glad Valoria had such a happy day being with her Grandma ALL day long!
Jaedin also had an amazing day playing with his many cousins. They found many hours of fun by playing tag in the hay barn.

My Dad this year came over about a week before we went to this Thanksgiving celebration to help my put in my first bulbs ever. It was fun learning the basics and spending the time with him but I must have the rockiest & hard soil ever. More about that in another post. So we took advantage of my Aunt Carolyn's extensive garden. It was fall so of course it was scarce but I felt like I was shopping for plants that I'd love to add to my yard & it was perfect b/c I could see what exactly they would look like during the winter months. Here were some of my favorites...
Burning Bush

This day usually is full of a few 15 minute walks to the river. The first of which Jaedin and I took alone. It was so wonderful. It was a great memory. A quiet walk with me watching him run with the dog. He thought it was the coolest thing when he would run the dog would run so he ran the whole way. I have video of it to cherish forever. Here is his first visit to this river that he'll remember. He threw rocks and sticks and shells, whatever he could find until I begged him to go so we could eat. After our Thanksgiving feast we burned the calories with another walk to the river with the whole family.

Valoria in dreamland with her Grandma.
Papa showing Jaedin how to skip rocks. He was still too young to understand their was a certain technique to skipping rocks. I think he got a little frustrated when his rocks didn't do what Papa's did.

This photo is an eerie way to leave the post. It turned out a little darker than it actually was. Jaedin walked really close to me and even had me carry some of them the way because he said the "trees are very spooky". A big thank you to My aunts Carolyn and Ferny for always putting on a great family get together. I'm so glad they share their gorgeous and peaceful pieces of land with us. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

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