Monday, August 25, 2008

Vintage Apron Swap & Broken Dishes

More on the gorgeous apron model later in this post.

A very simply uncomplicated vintage apron. I found this dainty and frail white lacy vintage apron at a consignment store & added layers of lace. Topped it off with a pretty vintage blue rose pin. I hope you love it Kelly. I'm swapping with Kelly at

I love this package that I sent to or The Vintage apron swap. but now looking at the extra goodies I wish I would have sent something pertaining to the kitchen like some recipes or cooking utensils. Duh! Oh well. Swap and learn.

One day after I sent off Kelly's package mine also came in the mail & it's absolutely beautiful. I feel Spoiled. I could not be any happier with the amazing gifts she sent. This perfect in every way apron deserves to be the cover of a somerset magazine but I wouldn't take it off long enough for you to photograph it!

Well as I was the stylist for this photo shoot i quickly realized without a mannequin to photograph this apron on I would have to come up with a way to show you it's full potential.
Well I tried this, my son to photograph myself wearing this gorgeous piece but faces aren't important I guess to a 4 year old so inevitably the choice was made to go with a gorgeous younger model.
And here she is...... Miss Valencia

Showing the full potential beauty of and versatility of this apron. It also makes a darling dress for a 3 year old!

Isn't this so cool! She made me a cute doodle bouquet on the side of the box.

Thank you Kelly for all of the fancy extra goodies. I've already used most of them!

Not really on subject but there was a sense of urgency when I saw my box of broken dishes growing by the week.

Ive seen many beautiful pictures on blogs of woman's vintage dishes but haven't shown mine. I don't have many , it is because if you have less plates you will wash the ones you need quicker & less to pile up in the sink. I've even been told by two lovely & smart woman to have one set of a bowl, plate, cup & utensils for each person in our family & that's it. So you will wash it immediately after using. Which I think is brilliant & am not sure why I haven't done that. So instead of waiting for a show & tell for dishes, I had to show you them now because my sweet vintage dishes are slowly but surely turning into this.

I really didn't get mad when most of these dishes broke because my very wise friend Ann warned me that when the kids or myself break the glass dishes. Which will happen! to just save them and make a piece of mosaic out of them. With as much as I'm going to have I'm thinking the top of a hutch or a coffee table.

And here are my dishes that have stayed intact so far.


Sherry said...

I love both of the aprons. They are so beautiful! I have always "wanted" broken dishes to try to make a mosiac. I just have corelle type dishes.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a pretty blog you have! How did it take me so long to find it? So glad I did and I am adding you to my blog list of "inspiring places to visit"!

Our Green Nest said...

Oh my - what a beautiful model!!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh your little one is so darling! Swaps are so fun aren't they? I too have a box just like yours awaiting a mosiac project. I hope to cover the outside of my claw foot bath tub. I almost have enough china...
Enjoyed visiting your blog Pinkie

jenny fowler said...

girly, i don't know if i could keep an etsy shop filled with things. there isn't a good flea market in the whole state of colorado. and everything here is required to be at least twice the price anywhere (j/k but it still is that much more). and that vintage book is a piece i've used on my baker's rack for awhile. i love the way that the book has crackled up on the cover. it is just an old math book.

jenny fowler said...

ps i love how your daughter took your photo. my 3 year old does that too! you got an awesome stash of goodies for your swap too.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Pretty aprons! and pretty model! :) I don't know if you've heard of this yet... broken china jewlery?? I thought of it because you mentioned the mosaic. There are some pretty charms, bracelets, necklaces out there made out of pretty china that has been broken or is too old to eat off of... if you're interested, here's a link

Bev said...

Your little model is too cute! And she models quite well too! So sorry about all your broken dishes...and making a mosaic is just the thing if your inspired - I'm sure it will turn out Fabulous!!

randi said...

What beautiful pictures! I just wanted to let you know I bestowed upon you an award because you're so very fabulous! :) See my blog for details! Happy Thursday!

Debbie said...

You may consider using some of your broken dishes to make charms for a bracelet. I have seen them at gift shows and they are so wonderful. Good luck and sorry about the breakup. LOL You have a nice blog. Deb