Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been busy

What I've been doing lately.

I'm so in love with these soft and pretty roses. I make them out of crepe paper. I don't add stems because it seems every time I do a project with any kind of flowers I never keep the stems. You could set them on shelves with your books or dishes. They are just a beautiful eye candy and a one of a kind gift.

Very simply done. This is the card I put together for the Vintage Button Card Swap. No art on this one because it was so simple and perfect the way it was. Just adding incredibly cute vintage buttons around the pictures and writing.

Come and get anything below in my Etsy shop!
Teal & Pearl Vintage Trim Tags

Pretty Pink & Proper Vintage Trim Tags
Pungent Purple Vintage Trim Tags
Ivory Cross Vintage Trim Tags

Glamorous Ivory and Lilac Vintage Trim Tags

Gilded Lace Vintage Trim Tags

Blush Blossom Vintage Trim tags

Fine Purple glitter in a Vintage glass perfume bottle.

Fun Collection of 17 playing cards

Series of 5 lace tags


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty as usual. :O)

jenny fowler said...

wow girl, you have been busy. everything looks so lovely. i am a romantic-style person and all of your goodies are right there, inspiring me. i like that you got that tattoo, it is simple and probably just perfect for you, huh? i grew up in the denver area but both of my parents and their families are from saint louis. you sure had your babies early, huh? i had mine at 21 and people think i'm crazy. i don't know why everyone is waiting so long these days but they sure are. and yes, jaya dances all the time. it is so funny and cute at the same time! hope you are enjoying your week!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Angela,
I wanted to thank you for the cards you sent me for the Happy Everything swap. I love them, and posted them on my blog. Smiles!

Sherry said...

Everything is so beautiful!! You do such beautiful work! I've never made an ATC before so I hope I do good with Club Creative. I'm excited to try though!

Have a wonderful day!

jenny fowler said...

part of the reason we want to put jaya in preschool is because we live in a small town and there is hardly anything to do here, especially in the winter time. we wanted to keep her in ballet too but we can't afford both of them either, you know? i actually plan on homeschooling her next fall. dance and martial arts are very social and i think that is the main point. and you probably work on their alphabet and numbers and writing and things like that with them, don't you? when are their birthdays? the structure of kindergarten will probably take them a little time to get used to but since it is half day i think they will be fine. a lot of people don't put their kids in preschool. jaya's preschool is only 2 days a week for 2.75 hours and we are probably getting some scholarship money too so that will help.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful..I saw your tags on Jenn's blog!How do you stain tags?