Sunday, August 24, 2008

Christmas Projects & Card Swaps

Oh my goodness. Get ready. If there were a limit on number of photos in one post I'd be pushing it! I didn't realize how many card swaps I've been doing lately. Here we go!

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The following Cards I made from really cool vintage clip art of babies holiday greetings. Very odd but cute. I used the clip art on the vintage lesson book and drew doodles around the images.

These cards were made for Heather Bluhm's Greeting Card Swap. I have yet to figure out the correct lighting inside my house at night. I received my package of cards back from Heather Bluhm yesterday & here is what they looked like. I was so much more than overjoyed with these beautiful cards. The cards images will appear first and their wonderfully talented makers will be in a smaller image under the card. Thank you everyone for the quality made cards!

The two swaps below are Atc swaps. This one being Phrases from a book atcs hosted by
Club Creative. Ulla did a extraordinary job with these and even sent a beautiful pendant.

Leah Stone Art Bat Atc is from the Halloween Atc swap hosted by Ambitions Design Studios.

Cards below made for the Happy Everything Card Swap

These refreshingly bright and cheery cards made by Jessica from
Kids napping..I'm scrapping!

You can see all of the correct cards with the correct makers on her lovely post of the Happy everything cards


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I love all of the pictures. I love the greeting cards that you made for Heather's swap. I think they look lovely- your lighting was just right. As usual, you have GoRgeOuS work. Hugs.

Maija said...

Hi Angela! I hope my cards come in the mail today, and I hope I get one of yours!!
I'm glad I found you- I adore your trim tags!