Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Valencia's Garden Birthday Party

Here she is! My free-spirited hippy chick who only allows candid shots.

She is now 3 and successfully potty training. She has been very reluctant too though. I know she considers it easy just to use a diaper and I think she was just as weary as Mommy starting the potty training. I just did it with my 4 year old son a year ago. Why can't I remember how to do it? I'll tell you why. I didn't journal it and I of course didn't take pictures.
Me and my adorable nieces Bella & Ammiel. What beautiful Butterfly Birthday girls they made.

Some twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling of the tent. The same lights used at my wedding.

The atmosphere was relaxed and magical with this tent set up by my father who put so much effort into making this a beautiful and special party. He did a tremendous job and I heard the kids say numerous times it was the best day ever! How joyful!

Here are the Floral Headpieces I worked on right up until a few hours before we were leaving for the party. There were enough for all of the Birthday girls and the their mommies.
With it being a hot Summer night I wasn't being my normal neurotic picture taking self & I missed out on so many gorgeous shots of this day. Someday I hope I can hire a photographer for birthday parties.


Sherry said...

Angela it looks like you (and your dad) did a great job! I love your daughters dress and you look quite lovely as a butterfly!

Have a great day!

Preppy Mama said...

Angela thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my post and thanks for joining the swap. You have one of the most beautiful blogs I've read. I am certainly adding you to my daily reads!

Our Green Nest said...

Aaahh what a beautiful birthday party for such lovely little fairies! The shots you did get look beautiful - I'm sure it WAS one of the best days of their life! Precious!

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Angela, I wanted to stop by to "Thank you " for participating in my upcoming "Halloween Swap"!...It really should be so much fun! And may I say your have a lovely blog!...What an incredible little "fairy party"!...You all look just so pretty!...Again, just "tickled" to have you jpining me in my "swap"!...Have a great summer day!....Heidi XO

Heidi Ann said...

Me again Angela, Would you please send me your e-mail address, so I can send you all your information!...Thanks a bunch!...heidi Xo

jenny fowler said...

this would be such a fun event for a little girly! it would be like magical fairy fun, lol. your head pieces are the perfect touch. you sound like me, getting everything done on time, but at the very last minute. :)