Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ahh It's so nice to be back home! I had a beautiful Vacation in California that I can wait to tell you all about. I know it won't be hard for you to believe that I took over 630 photos over the 5 day period. My husband sometimes wonders if I'm enjoying myself or if I'm too busy taking pictures. I came to the conclusion that this is how I really savor the moment. I don't have a wonderful memory and when I look at pictures it's like reliving the moments, bringing scents & feelings back to you instantly. I had an absolutely wonderful time and I feel I could have gotton soo many more pictures.

Today I'm working on my Thank you gifts for all of the magical people in my life who made it possible to take a vacation. I collected smooth rocks from the San Simeon beach and painted on them during the kids nap time. I'm very happy with the outcome. Today I'll also be finishing my packaging for the Itty Bitty Swap. A great girl named Emily Rozell is putting on. She has created an artful recycling swap where we collect itty bitty art trinkets and put them in a Altoid tin or similar. In my case I used old sprinkle bottles. Now I just have to make them pretty enough to be kept out of a landfill somewhere. :) A refreshing idea. thanks Emily!


Rosa said...

Hi Angela,
Welcome back home!
I love how you decorated the rocks, very nicely done!

Sherry said...

Those rocks are so pretty! Great job and welcome home!

Our Green Nest said...

Hey Angela! Got my pkg - tu!! LOVE everything! Photographer - that would be, unless I'm in the shot and then it's my hubby :)...I'll be visiting your blog often - love it!