Monday, June 9, 2008


I finally made it to the Flea Market! Only the 2nd time this year. After a major bust the 1st time with about 10 vendors packing up in the rain. This one was busy & hot. I went alone & walked around for about 2 hours. So carrying these finds around while still shopping and eventually to my car through the hills of parking saved money I could have used on a personal trainer. :) I know many people like to get there early for best selection but I don't believe in that. I know the things I'm meant to have will be waiting for me when I get there and I get really good deals because I stick around until they start packing up and bringing out the half off everything signs. I'm never usually quoted more than $5 on anything when they are packing up. I left at noon and caught a picture of this shop I've been eyeing every time I go but I've never stopped in. I guess I figure I can't find any better deals in there than I just did at the Flea market. Cute name though. Here's another picture of the very cute main street in Wentzville where this Flea market is in Missouri.

I couldn't be happier with my wonderful finds. Because my husband just started teaching my 4 year old son how to play baseball I purchased 4 soft balls for .25 cents each. They are so much cooler and cheaper than new ones. When I first arrived this beautiful hand painted cabinet was one of the first things I saw but I only went with $20 so I couldn't spend $12 of it in the first 5 minutes. I knew It might not be there when I came back around but I was Amazed when it was & since they were packing up he sold it to me for $9. I'm very pleased with that sale considering I know I've seen something similar to this for $50 at Home goods or Marshalls. The next 2 finds were found at the vendor spot shown above. They had some really great shabby chic/country items for pretty cheap. I could have taken 1/2 of their things home for sure.

They were also getting ready to leave and although the jar of chandelier prisms were marked $6 and this pretty and heavy real wood mirror was marked $15 I bought them each for $5! So there it is. That is how I spent my $20 this Sunday. I was planning on participating in Show & tell Sunday but was not home to do so. I'll shoot for next week then. Sounds like fun. Oh yes & you know what else was fun? Working on my first ever series of ATCs. Which I will be sending out to
Marilyn Healey tomorrow. I've already shown too much but I am happy to get some fine art on my page. I think I'm going to work on some mixed media fine art this week after seeing Altered Gypsy's page.

First ATC completed.

Right now as my girls are taking their naps my son Jaedin has been interrupting my blogging session by telling me many times he had made a "really big castle". I had no idea what he was talking about until I got up to go see & this is what he had made. Oh he's such a cute & talented little architect.

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Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are such a savy shopper ~ I need to take lessons from you. Such bounty for under $20! I like your philosophy on going later ~ it it's mean't to be yours it will end up in your hands. Blessings, Katie