Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To the Fathers in my life

The prettiest picture of a Rose I've ever seen. Taken by my Dad last week in his garden. Isn't it just gorgeous? I think it deserves to be on the cover of a magazine quick! The picture below it is of the rose plant growing on a fancy Arbor my Dad created in his mind and with his hands. After he built it it I knew right away I wanted to Marry under it which I did 3 years ago.

Because I was away from the computer around Father's Day I have to make a better- late- than- never post about the Wonderful Father's in my life. Here is my Daddy & I. One of my favorite old pictures .

My father's name is Rick & there is an infinite list of skills & talents he has. He could have been an actor, singer, professional baseball, basketball player, golfer. He practiced to be a vet & eventually went to school to be a paramedic which he graduated at the very top of his class. This past month he was featured in a local news story along with his partner for reviving a heart attack patient. The man he revived told the news station "And when I'm around them, I feel like I'm around good friends." I'm so proud of my Dad & every year I learn so many great things to better my character like kindness & respect or skills to use in every day life like gardening & cooking. I was so incredibly blessed to receive him as a Father.
My dad singing to me and letting me play with the strings. My favorite past times with him are watching the thunderstorms roll in, listening to him sing, cooking, learning to garden & especially talking about how you make it through life. Some of my most clear & happy memories I have are the yearly traditions he upheld like getting our bikes & yard ready for spring, Christmas cookies & ornament painting, putting the tree up & listening to bluegrass while gardening in the summer.

A special Thank you to him for always supporting the Artist in me by providing me with the tools, space & encouragement to keep creating. I'm sorry for the never ending messes I made & all of the unfinished projects probably still lingering in your house :) YOU ARE THE BEST! Now on to the other Father in my life being Daddy to my 3 little babies. This man who is quite young being only 22 has taken on Marriage, 3 kids, 1 or 2 full time jobs depending on the need & has gotten through it with an unlimited amount of patience & a sense of humor. I appreciate all of the hard work he does for our family. Working a ten hour day & still being able to make time & memories with the kids means everything to me. Thank you!

The day before Father's Day we made him a banner card. I drew letters spelling out "Happy Father's Day" & had them hold the letters while I took their pictures. I printed them out icon size and made a mini banner.


Sherry said...

It sounds like you have some wonderful men in your life!! Aren't we lucky!!


Our Green Nest said...

Ooooh I LOVE that banner - so precious!! and SUCH a beautiful shot your father captured! We get all our ingredients for everything at Mountain Rose Herbs (great prices) and it really does end up being cheaper in the long run since u're buying in bulk and reusing containers and whatnot...

The Other Side of Me said...


This is such a lovely post. The garland for Father's day is just outstanding. I hope you had a wonderful day.