Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Since I have so much to show you all I think I'll share pictures day by day as it came. Let's start with Early morning on Thursday. 3:13 to be exact. Way too early by the way. Since it was a "get up and go on Vacation " instead of "get up and go to work" it didn't seem so bad. We went to the Airport in Saint Louis and this is the first picture I took. I said hold on I have to get this picture. As my husband is saying Umm okay... Well I don't see dress forms very often and this one just happens to be a pretty floral one. So on with the day. Airports usually do have interesting architectural detail but inside the Chicago airport were hand painted benches and lighting fixtures. Even a light show as we rode on the moving sidewalk.

Then we were off on a 4 hour flight to LAX. It was so fast paced there, we were just whisked away to the car rental location. All I remember is seeing very whimsical looking plants like I've never seen and we were going way to fast for me to get any pictures. I was pleasantly surprised at this fancy convertible waiting for us.

After picking up our car we drove immediately to Central California. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive to a town called Three Rivers with a population of about 2,000. Here is the scenery we witnessed the whole trip. A picture is nothing next to the real thing.

At last we arrive at our final destination for the day. A Bed & Breakfast called Sequoia River Dance. We passed it up at first because it looks like such a small little cottage home in a neighborhood but as we looked closer we learned it was a gorgeous, well maintained oasis.

If you live in California or are planning a trip you must go see this gorgeous experience. You will not find a better place to stay when you visit Sequoia National Park.

There are so many reasons this place is wonderful but this was my favorite

A large whitewater creek running through their backyard! They had two cement patios with furniture for you to enjoy the relaxing sound of the water flowing. A fantastic value! To end our evening we drove to a small pizza place with a magnificent view. Can't wait to start day 2!