Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Cake

For Father's Day my sweet little girls and I worked on making an all chocolate cake while Jaedin, my son wanted not much to do with it. Jaedin made Dad some cards but baking just wasn't his thing this year. The girls absolutely love any step of the cake I will let them do. They are finally old enough to start measuring and stirring. Still, I won't allow them to help crack the eggs. My little Valencia (on the right) loves to get out the eggs from the carton while I'm not looking and draw faces on them. I'm pretty sure she names each one so I 'm sure to crack them in the bowl while she isn't looking :)

Valoria took interest in working the icing bag. This is her 3rd time working with it. She did a fantastic job last christmas when she was just barely 3. I couldn't believe how controlled she was with a bag of icing for having just been 2 years old but now with this Father's Day cake she proved she can do some really great dots. So we lined the outside of the cake with dots.And here is the final product. Proud little girls and one happy Daddy :)


Butterfly said...

Ahhh your girls look like little angels. Clearly following in Mummy's creative footsteps too xx

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

SURE,very,very creative work for dad:-)))*

Just amazing girls,Angela!!!

Hugs and Love to you and you family,