Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful "Good For you" foods

This spring after reading Natalia Rose's Women Detox Diet Book I was fascinated by a healthier way to treat your body. I knew eating Raw would not being something I would employ full time but it certainly effects every day life after you experiment with new foods.

I'm excited about being able to use these tips for the beginning of my adult life. Being in my mid 20s now I thought it very important to think about making some new habits for myself.
I am not an extremely active person. Being an artist is certainly a blessing but it comes with some down sides for me. I much rather be inside making a creation than outside working out.
I'm just not the outdoors type although I'd like very much to be.Here are just a few of the foods I experimented with this summer. The first photo shows thin whole grain buns with a mixture of tomatoes, goat cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and basil. set on the bun along with a piece of lettuce. It is a perfectly filling lunch with a glass of ice water or a glass of natural juice.
The 2nd photo shows a delicious juice that is a mixture of raw carrot, pears,lemon and apples..
It's addicting really.
This pretty blue salad bowl is filled with lettuce, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, goat cheese and a few torn up pitted cherries. The cherries mix with the olive oil to make an incredible dressing.

Alright, this may not be a "good for you food" but it certainly is healthy as far as desserts go :)
A strawberry shortcake with whip cream and fresh strawberries.

My exciting new purchase this summer was this juicer that I've loved using. Since it is a large piece of equipment, I make my juices once a week. I make my favorite juice recipes in bulk and store them in one glass serving screw lid containers in the freezer. They recommend drinking juices right after you've juiced because you get the most nutrients from the juice the same day but that is just not ideal for me at this time in life :)

Hope these pretty foods inspire you to add a little raw to your diet!

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That's awesome Angela - way to go! Hope all is well!